The Last Of Us Interviews  

The Last of Us' Joel and Ellie On The Secrets of Game Storytelling

21d ago | Interview | Asked to identify the secret to The Last of Us' narrative success, Troy Baker, voice (and body) of The Last of Us' gruff Texan protagonist Joel, recites the origins of HBO drama series Deadwood, th...

The New Cinema of Naughty Dog

20d ago | Interview | With Naughty Dog, you often get more than you asked for. So it's no surprise that a one-on-one interview with The Last of Us' game director blossom...

From Uncharted to The Last of Us: An Hour with Emilia Schatz, Part II

21d ago | Interview | Max Level: With all the hype surrounding the critically-acclaimed game, I recently sat down with...

From Uncharted to The Last of Us

23d ago | Interview | "I recently had a chance to sit down with Emilia Schatz, long-time game designer currently taking the world by storm at Naughty Dog, to talk about her journey through gaming – from designing Unchar...
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