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10 Best Moments In The Last Of Us

23h ago | Opinion piece | As anybody who has played the title knows, The Last of Us delivers moment after memorable moment of gaming excellence – full to the brim with potential contenders, but only one can reign supreme.

Top 10 Satisfying Villain Deaths In Video Games

5d ago | Opinion piece | There's not much that can compare to the feeling of seeing a despised villain meet their fitting...

The Last of Us Movie: Second Draft Completed; 'Faithful' To The Game

4d ago | News | The movie adaptation of The Last of Us has just seen the completion of its second draft script, according to its writer.

8 PS3 Exclusive Titles You Must Play Before Getting PS4

15d ago | Opinion piece | Sony Entertainment is one of the biggest gaming franchise in the world. Even though the PlayStati...

Endless Backlog Top 10 Games of Gen 7

6d ago | Opinion piece | Endlessbacklog lists their collective picks for the top 10 of the gen. Gagan thinks it shoul...

Uncharted Apocalypse Trailer

11d ago | Trailer | What happens when you combine the uplifting and adventurous spirit of Uncharted with the grim and dark world of The Last of Us? Find out for yourse...

15 Most Influential Video Games Of All Time

13d ago | Opinion piece | WC: Innovation is a particularly hard thing to come by in 2015 – just ask Hollywood and the...

10 Video Games That Totally Nailed Their Final Levels

13d ago | Opinion piece | WC: Satisfying endings and conclusions are essential to great games – what’s the point in investi...

The PlayStation Now subscription games you need to play

17d ago | Opinion piece | If you missed out on some of the PlayStation 3’s best games, you’re about to get an interesting w...

What’s the Best Current-Gen Console?‏

15d ago | Opinion piece | So, the Xbox One and PS4 have been out for over a year and the Wii U for more than two; in m...

Endlessbacklog: Ben's top 10 of the generation

11d ago | Opinion piece | Endlessbacklog kicks off their best of gen 7 week with Ben's 10 favorite games of the 7th ge...

Creative Director of The Last of Us approves fan written alternate ending

25d ago | Article | *Spoiler Alert* Even in good fun, the follow...

The Last of Us Clicker Bust U.S. release details updated

29d ago | News | The release details, with a more specific launc...

Endless Backlog Best of Gen 7 Week: Chris's Top 10

11d ago | Opinion piece | Endlessbacklog kicks off best of gen 7 week wit...

Endless Backlog Podcast: Best of Gen 7 Part 1

17d ago | Podcast | This is part 1 of Endlessbacklog's discussion on what were the best games of generation 7.

The 15 Best PlayStation Now Subscription Games You Should Play Right Now

17d ago | Opinion piece | We're getting closer to the day when we'll fina...

XP Earned 23 | Years Gone By

29d ago | Podcast | 2ndFlSemantics: It's the start of a new year and Shane and Jessi are here to walk you throug...
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