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The 50 Best Games Sony Has Ever Published

2d ago | Opinion piece | Sony has a whole heap of famous IPs, from Crash Bandicoot to God of War; they’ve assembled a huge family of iconic games/series throughout their 20 year video game history. Today, we want to talk a...

10 Incredible Video Game Stories That Got Everybody Talking

22d ago | Opinion piece | WC: Whether it’s a cracking last minute twist or a superbly crafted set of characters, video game...

20 Essential Video Games You Must Play Before You Die

22d ago | Opinion piece | WC: Some changed how people thought about their console, some changed how people thought about th...

The Last of Us' Intro Reimagined as an Early-'90s Arcade Game

17d ago | Video | Ever wondered what Naughty Dog's hit action-adventure game The Last of Us would look like if it was an early 1990s arcade title? Now you can find out, thanks to animator John Meehan. *Spoilers for...

Top 25 Games of the Last Generation | 5 - 1

21d ago | Opinion piece | Gaming Trend counts down the Top 25 games of the 360 / PS3 / Wii era, and today marks the 5 best...

What Kind of Messages Are Games Bringing Up Today?

6d ago | Opinion piece | A quick opinion article which debates the messages that modern games give us these days.

The 10 Hardest Trophies On PlayStation 4

26d ago | Opinion piece | Do you consider yourself a trophy hunter on the Playstation 4? If you’re looking for a challenge...

Video Game Composers Honored in Classic FM Hall of Fame

18d ago | News | Hardcore Gamer: Video game music has steadily been rising to prominence over the last decade, but...

The 5 Most Motivating Deaths in Video Games

9d ago | Opinion piece | Nerd Swole discusses deaths in video games that motivate you to press on and fight through the pa...

25 Most Tragic Deaths In Video Game History

22d ago | Opinion piece | WC: It is time to remember those who have fallen that had the greatest impact on us. These are th...

Why Do People Not Browse Through Game Menus And Settings?

11d ago | Opinion piece | EGMR writes: "You just get a new game for your...

Making The Last Of Us’ Iconic Girafee Scene

27d ago | Article | By John Sweeney: "Meeting the giraffe in The Last of Us is for many players the emotional peak in...

20 Games that Looked Way too Good for Their Generation

14d ago | Opinion piece | GamesRadar - Remember back in high school there...

The Last Of Us Movie – Can It Break The Curse?

30d ago | Opinion piece | Jason says, "Video game movies have had a pretty negative stigma in Hollywood. Now that a movie a...

The Last of Us - Afterthoughts

15d ago | Opinion piece | The Midnight Gamer discusses how the multi award winning game leaves a heavy & lasting impre...

The Top 5 Females Of Video Games

17d ago | Opinion piece | Digital heroines have come a long way since waiting to be saved by an Italian plumber after...

The Last of Us: Elders React to Naughty Dog's Emotional Moments

23d ago | Video | There's a new React video, this time showing el...

Clearing the Backlog – The Last of Us: Left Behind

24d ago | Opinion piece | Chris Evans from The Reticule continues in his...
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