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Maisie Williams Gives The Last of Us Movie Update: Game of Thrones Star Looks Set to Play Ellie

4d ago | News | Maisie Williams has given an update on the state of the planned big screen adaptation of hit video game The Last of Us. The Game of Thrones star has revealed that she had a lunch meeting recentl...

31 Days of Horror Games: The Last of Us

1d 11h ago | Opinion piece | Another post apocalyptic gem makes Den of Geek's list of 31 days of awesome horror games. Th...

Amazon sale is knocking up to 75% off CoD: Ghosts, The Last of Us and more

7d ago | News | Amazon is currently hosting a sale where various titles such as The Last of Us, Call of Duty: Ghosts, and Battlefield 4 are getting massively discounted for multiple platforms. Not only that, but l...

The Evil Within Borrows From The Last of Us

7d ago | Article | It wasn’t that long ago when everyone in the games industry would look to Japan for inspiration a...

The Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition may be coming soon

25d ago | Rumor | Based on a listing, The Last of Us: Game of the Year Edition may be coming soon for the PlayStati...

14 Incredible Video Game Stories You'll Never Stop Discussing

6d ago | Opinion piece | WC: Although it’s still hotly debated amongst critics of all generations, we’ve finally arrived a...

The Art of Naughty Dog now available at major retailers

5d ago | News | After a limited release earlier this month, The...

Sony and The Last of Us dominates UK August charts

28d ago | News | The latest report from GfK Chart-Track shows Sony's action horror adventure drove sales for the m...

The Best Horror Games: The Last of Us

6d ago | Opinion piece | From Cinelinx: If you’re looking for great games to play this Halloween season, then you...

Endless Backlog Podcast Episode 35: Best Character of Generation 7

10d ago | Podcast | Endlessbacklog crew discusses who were the 10 best characters to come out of the 360, Playstation...

The 5 Saddest Non-Story Moments of 'The Last of Us'

25d ago | Opinion piece | The Last of Us is a game known for its powerful story, its atmosphere, its ease in controls, and...

When games and movies collide

10d ago | Opinion piece | Ian Koehler has been disappointed by movie tie-ins before and writes "Alien: Isolation ca...

Why David Cage should play The Last of Us

25d ago | Opinion piece | TR writes: David Cage. Oh, David Cage. David Cage the studio head of Quantic Dream whose driving...

Greatest Gaming Moments #1

16d ago | Opinion piece | Most of The Last of Us's story is riddled with, what many people would consider, an unorigin...

Are Zombie Apocalypse Games Dead?

17d ago | Article | We've all seen a ton of zombie apocalyptic games in the recent years. But are they simply a...
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