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The Last of Us Remastered Sells 632K Worldwide Opening Week, PS4 Sales Up 50%

2d ago | Rumor | "The Last of Us Remastered hit store shelves on around the world on July 29. The game in its opening week managed to sell 632,030 units. The game helped increase PlayStation 4 sales by 51 percent t...

PS4’s The Last of Us: July’s best-seller, July’s biggest disappointment

5d ago | News | The PlayStation 4’s biggest game of the summer missed sales expectations by 50,000 copies, accord...

Why I didn't like The Last of Us

5d ago | Opinion piece | DS: It's clear that I'm in the minority, but I didn't like The Last of Us. I played the title more than one year ago now after it launched to unive...

The Last of Us Ellie in The Sims 4

1d 10h ago | Video | The Sims 4 allows for a wealth of character creation in the recently released demo with some stunning results, such as this Ellie from The last of Us. Whilst not an exact match due to limitations w...

10 Video Game Moments That Made You Cry Like A Baby

3d ago | Opinion piece | WC: "No, there's just something in both of our eyes.... it'll probably still be here for another...

10 Perfectly Crafted Video Games That Never Need Sequels

5d ago | Opinion piece | Some games are simply built with multiple entries in mind, whether it’s the yearly onslaught of C...

The Terrifying Truth Behind The Last of Us

2d ago | Image | So what DID people do for fun before the outbreak?

Last-Gen, Best-Gen?

4d ago | Opinion piece | With the last generation finally starting to wind down, it feels like a reasonable time to reflect on what was arguably the greatest console genera...

Racial Diversity Gaming Hour: The Last of Us In-Depth

5d ago | Podcast | WARNING: This is an in-depth discussion about The Last of Us and contains major spoilers. DO NOT...

The Last of Us: How the apocalypse brought about gender equality

3d ago | Opinion piece | Naughty Dog's acclaimed The Last of Us bucked the video game trend with its complex, well-define...

Fails of the Weak - Volume 204

5d ago | Videocast | In Fails of the Weak #204, Ryan and Ray bring you fails in Battlefield 4, Titanfall, FIFA 14, Last of Us Remastered, and GTA IV.

The Last of Us: Left Behind Review - Rev-Level

2d ago | Review | The Last of Us Remastered not only contains the game that received almost every accolade conceiva...
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