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The Last of Us Remastered review I GameLuster

2d ago | Review | Simon Smith from GameLuster takes a look at The Last of Us Remastered.

The Last of Us: The Movie

2d ago | Opinion piece | Article observing whether Hollywood will do a beyond mediocre adaptation of the hit Playstation video game, "The Last of Us." And who should be beh...

Naughty Dog Shows The Secrets & Tricks of The Last of Us' Bloody Melee Combat and Synced Animations

9d ago | Video | One of the most spectacular aspects of The Last of Us and The Last of Us Remastered is its synced animation for melee combat, allowing two characters to fight against each other in spectacular and...

Who Should Portray Joel in The Last of Us Film?

21d ago | Opinion piece | With The Last of Us film now confirmed and releasing sometime in the future, who should take on t...

Free Maps. And About Those Pesky Matchmaking Times

26d ago | News | ND Writes "It's time for a quick status update regarding matchmaking in The Last of Us Remastered...

10 Female Video Game Characters You Totally Fell In Love With

21d ago | Opinion piece | It might feel a bit weird actually realising you genuinely care about the pixels on screen, but w...

The Last of Us: Proof PS4 Ports Are Easy? - Podcast Beyond

16d ago | Podcast | IGN - Devs were saying porting a PS3 game to the PS4 would be hard, so is The Last of Us proof th...

The Last of Us: Free Maps and New Weapons

18d ago | News | By Eric Monacelli: "Happy Friday! We’re pushing a patch today (view full notes here) that address...

The Last of Us VS The Walking Dead

22d ago | Opinion piece | The Last of Us and The Walking Dead have dominated the zombie world in many ways, through intuitive game play, powerful narratives, and heart wrenc...

A Cataclysmic Dawn: Writing About Multiplayer

4d ago | Opinion piece | EGMR writes: "Online multiplayer has gained massive traction in the mainstream gaming commun...

Exploring The Hype – Fighting Through The Last of Us

16d ago | Opinion piece | IM PLAYIN takes a look at the hype surrounding...

The Last of Us Factions – New Weapons Today, Free Maps this Week

21d ago | News | ND Writes: "For PS3 players, patch 1.08 will be made available globally over the next 24 hours. P...

The Last of Us Ellie in The Sims 4

27d ago | Video | The Sims 4 allows for a wealth of character creation in the recently released demo with some...

10 Video Game Moments That Made You Cry Like A Baby

29d ago | Opinion piece | WC: "No, there's just something in both of our...

Will Video Game Stories Ever Get Better?

21d ago | Opinion piece | From GamesReviews: "One of the biggest topics in gaming over the past few years is the ev...

The Mix In The Last of Us

8d ago | Interview | A long interview with the audio experts at Naughty Dog.

The Last of Us and Its Place in Postapocalyptic Fiction

13d ago | Opinion piece | The Last of Us is a video game marvel. We disse...

GameEnthus Podcast ep196: 6-7 Min Abs or Something About Buckets

25d ago | Podcast | This week the Robby(@GnTRobby1051) from Gameent...

Gamers@Play The Last Of Us Remastered Review

15d ago | Review | Gamers@Play writes: When The Last of Us was released as a PS3 exclusive in June 2013, people...

Does Every Game Really Need to Have Multiplayer Content?

17d ago | Opinion piece | Ray Porreca of Entertainment Buddha writes: "La...

Gamers In Beta Podcast 066: Anything Not American

21d ago | Podcast | On this week's episode of the Gamers In Beta podcast, CapnMikeM conducts an interview with C...

The Terrifying Truth Behind The Last of Us

28d ago | Image | So what DID people do for fun before the outbreak?
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