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7 Gaming Families We Wouldn’t Mind Spending the Holidays With

8h ago | Opinion piece | The holidays are all about family. So Twinfinite take a look at some gaming families we wouldn't mind spending this time of the year with.

New Official 1TB PlayStation 4 Console Bundle Includes 5 Titles

8d ago | News | PlayStation will be releasing a new 1TB PlayStation 4 console bundle later this month according t...

Adorable The Last of Us Joel and Ellie Limited Edition Figure Set Released

9d ago | News | Do you like The Last of Us? Do you find Joel and Ellie Adorable? Do you wish you could own a litt...

Amy Hennig On How Uncharted And The Last of Us Differ In Terms of Killing Choices

2d ago | News | Former Uncharted director talks about brutality and avoiding cognitive dissonance.

7 of the best video game openings: From Super Mario Bros to The Last Of Us

12d ago | Opinion piece | n all forms of entertainment, a strong opening salvo can be the difference between capturing an a...

15 Jaw Dropping Video Game Openings And Prologues From Recent Years

18d ago | Opinion piece | A good game should never start out slow. Here are some of the best openings in video games from r...

The Last of Us Pre-Vis surfaces from 2010

15d ago | Video | David Lam, Lead Cinematic Animator / Supervisor posted this look at a The Last of Us Pre-Vis sequ...

Top 10 Nolan North Characters

25d ago | Opinion piece | Chris Needham writes: "To celebrate Nolan North’s birthday, we wanted to take a look back at some of the characters that he’s lent his voice to. If...

Ahead of ‘Fallout 4’, Let’s Look at Gaming’s Most Gorgeous Apocalypses

17d ago | Opinion piece | A brief overview of gaming's more pleasant-on-the-eye ends of the world as we know it.

The Best Post-Apocalyptic Worlds

16d ago | Opinion piece | With the release of Fallout 4 imminent, I thought what better time to assess the very best post apocalyptic worlds seen in video games. Here’s to t...

The SushiCast: Episode 12

17d ago | Podcast | Stu at Sushimonster85 writes 'The vault door may be firmly shut until Tuesday, but that does...

Why Nathan Drake Doesn't Need a Compass

29d ago | Video | Youtuber Mark Brown takes a look at the reasons why games like Uncharted and The Last Of Us...

The 6 Best Horror Game Grunts

29d ago | Opinion piece | Adam from GamersFTW writes "Many horror games have interesting bosses and disturbing environments but lack a little when it comes to their standard...

Making Horror Into a Party- Group Gaming for Halloween

30d ago | Article | "Once again, that wonderful time of year is upo...

Character Appreciation Day #Issue 5 – Ellie

30d ago | Opinion piece | Lets all get together for Character Appreciation Day where we talk about The Last of Us and...
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