Dev of the Day : Marc ten Bosch
  Interview with Miegakure’s Marc ten Bosch, Part One

Marc ten Bosch is creating Miegakure, a puzzle platformer in the fourth dimension. He took the time to talk with Cat about how that works, what it’...

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Last Of Us Infected Animals Anyone?

1d 18h ago - Whoever has played Naughty Dogs critically acclaimed dystopian epic The Last Of Us will be well a... | Culture

Listen to The Last of Us' Beautiful Theme Masterfully Played on Violin Just in Time for the Remaster

2d ago - f you love The Last of Us, you’ll love this one. Well known violinist and YouTuber Taylor Davis,... | PS3

Critical Intel Disregard Weapons, Acquire Tools

2d ago - Joel, from The Last of Us is probably the worst apocalypse survivor ever. By the end of the game,... | Industry

How one simple change transformed the tone of The Last of Us's ending

2d ago - A narrative designer on The Last of Us has discussed how a simple gameplay change transformed the... | PS3

Start Making Games for the PS4

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

An Alternative Take on The Last of Us

5d ago - SPOILERS FOR THE LAST OF US CONTAINED WITHIN! I bought The Last of Us a few weeks after its la... | PS3

Laser Time: The Top 5 Child Endangerment Games

5d ago - "Somebody call a social worker! These are the best games starring little kids getting into seriou... | PC

The Last of Us Remastered for PS4 Rated by the ESRB: Alcohol Reference Added to PS3 Version

5d ago - Today the ESRB released the new rating for The Last of Us Remastered, which will hit our PS4 cons... | PS3

Top 10 Video Game Trailers of the Last Generation

5d ago - The last console generation saw the release of countless video game titles and with them, countle... | PC

The Last of Us PS4 vs PS3 Screenshot Comparison Shows Major Graphics Overhaul

5d ago - "If you compare the two screenshots below, you will observe that the PS4 version has better light... | PS3

How does The Last of Us PS4 compare with the PS3 version? First screenshots leak online

5d ago - The first screenshots of The Last of Us Remastered have appeared online, offering fans the opport... | PS3

7 Great Examples of LGBT Characters in Video Games

8d ago - 8CN: This week, BioWare once again made great strides in the LGBT scene with the announcement of... | Culture

Sony Trademarks “The Last of Us” for Online Games and… All Sorts of Weird Stuff

9d ago - The Last of Us Remastered is less than a month away from its release, but Sony may have plans to... | PS3

'Huge proportion' of PS4 owners haven't played The Last of Us, says Sony

9d ago - A "huge proportion" of PlayStation 4 owners have never played The Last of Us, Sony has said after... | PS3

On The Topic Of Remakes, Remasters And HD Collections

10d ago - An EGMR writer looks at remakes, remasters and HD collections, and poses some points worth ponder... | Xbox 360

Joel and Ellie 12" Figure Dioramas Are Absolutely Stunning

11d ago - "These 12" dioramas of The Last of Us' protagonists look absolutely jaw-dropping." | PS3

Top 5 Most Overrated Critically Acclaimed Video Games

12d ago - DAM writes: "Here’s my top 5 most overrated critically acclaimed video games." | PC

The Last Of Us Fan Film "Trust" Is A Rough Watch

12d ago - "Things don't turn out pretty when two survivors find they can't quite trust each other." | PS4

The Last of Us on PS4 Should Have Constant 60 FPS and No Drops; Reference Pictures Revealed

12d ago - Naughty Dog has been teasing us with talk of 60 FPS for The Last of Us Remastered for a while, bu... | PS4

Will The Best Game Of 2013 Also Be The Best Game Of 2014?

12d ago - The Last Of Us was the top game in 2013, and is it possible that it could once again be the best... | PS3

Straley: “Naughty Dog Programmers = Wizards;” TLOU PS4′s Tech Advancements Apply to Uncharted 4 Too

16d ago - Today Game Director Bruce Straley was quite explicit in the praise of his technical team, while i... | PS4

Start Making Games for Xbox One

Now - Want to design the next generation of video games? Start learning game design today. Click for more info on how to get started. | Promoted post

COD: Advanced Warfare’s Story Influenced by The Last of Us

19d ago - Advanced Warfare, is the latest iteration of the Call of Duty franchise, and suffice to say, nobo... | PC

Four Father and Daughter Duos in Video Games

20d ago - UM writes: Fathers are awesome and it always tears me up when I see them being paired with a youn... | PC

These "Last Of Us" Crossovers Are Amazing

25d ago - "An artist going by yhrite on Tumblr has put together a crossover/mashup of some of our favorite... | PS3

Exclusives are not the blight of the gaming industry, here's why

25d ago - Some argue that making games exclusive to a single platform is stifling the game industry. Here's... | PC

Fanatical Five | Our Top 5 Favorite Video Game Fathers

28d ago - Today being Father’s day for U.S, Canada and UK (Sorry rest of the world!) The Game Fanatics take... | PC
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