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The Best Real Cities in Video Games

27d ago - Josh Hinke from Explosion writes:" Tamriel, The Citadel, and Dunwall might be incredibly detailed... | PC

Top 6 Females In The Gaming Industry You Missed

28d ago - Ms. Throwback of PL Writes "even though we have succeeded in comprising almost half the industry... | Arcade

Naughty Dog Explains The Combat Systems That Did and Didn't Make It Into The Last of Us

28d ago - At a panel during GDC this morning, Naughty Dog designer Anthony Newman described how the melee s... | PS3

Hollywood, Please Stop Adapting Video Games into Film

29d ago - gamrReview's Jeffrey Knox: "An already interactive medium such as videogames is very difficult to... | Culture

Enter to Win a PS4 and More!

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Are Cutscenes Inherently Bad?

29d ago - There is a growing sentiment among a lot of gamers that cutscenes are an inherently bad means of... | PC

The Last of Video Game Film Adaptations

29d ago - With The Last of Us having recently been announced as an upcoming feature film adaptation, DualSh... | Culture

The 5 Best Games of Last Gen

30d ago - "The PS3, Wii and Xbox 360 were amazing, and here’s 5 reasons why.", says CalmDownTom | Wii

PlayStation 3 Games You Should Not Miss

30d ago - From the humble beginnings of the Xbox 360 (2006) and PlayStayion 3 (2007), the seventh Generatio... | PS3

The Last of Us’ journey to the big screen

31d ago - Niall Whitehead explores the recent development regarding The Last of Us’ adaptation into a featu... | PS3

4 Reasons The Last of Us Movie Terrifies Me

31d ago - Josh of GeeksPodcast runs down his hesitations about Screen Gems' adapation of The Last of Us but... | PS3

The Last Of Us Movie: 15 Key Scenes We Need To See

33d ago - Despite the mess that has been game-to-film adaptations, The Last of Us is a completely different... | PS3

The Last of Us Film Just Won't Work

33d ago - "The story in The Last of Us wasn't great. Before you jump to the comment section, hungry to aven... | PS3

What the Success of The Last of Us Has to Teach Us About the Current State of the Industry

33d ago - While the success of such a great game may have seem pre-determined, that’s pretty far from the t... | PS3

Who Should Join the Last of Us Cast?

34d ago - GeekParty writes: "I’m the sort of person who starts casting movies in my head long before they’r... | PS3

Sony must bring "The Last of us" to PS4

35d ago - Insiderp :"a glorious PS4 port of "The Last of us" running at 1080p,60fps, would not only satiate... | PS3

The Last of US movie, what could possibly go wrong? (pretty much everything)

35d ago - explain what could go wrong with "The Last of Us" movie, and back their opinion with d... | PS3

The Last of Us Movie: Why It might not be a good idea

35d ago - The Last of Us film is inevitable, mainly because it's already a film. | Culture

Gamigon Live: What? The Last Of Us Multiplayer Is Awesome? Here are the reasons.

36d ago - Gamigon Live says: "I have to admit, I never thought that I was going to say the following ab... | PS3

My Casting Choices for Joel and Ellie in The Last of Us Film.

36d ago - Last week it was announced that The Last of Us would get the big-screen treatment. Now, the idea... | PS3

Which Actor Should Play Joel In The Last of Us Movie?

36d ago - Naughty Dog's Playstation 3 exclusive masterpiece, "The Last of Us" is all set to receive a movie... | Culture

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Why its a great time to buy a PS3

37d ago - The PS4 may be out but the PS3 is still a great buy. The price of the console is still dropping a... | PS3

Lost in Medium Translation: Exploring the maladroit relationship between film and video games

38d ago - The experience of a video game isn’t synonymous with that of a film; one relies on the interactio... | Culture

Video Game Movies and Why The Last of Us Doesn't Need One

38d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Some games have more potential for interesting movies than others, but The Last o... | PS3

The Last of Us: The Infection and Ellie Revisited | The Sandbox

39d ago - The Laymen's Gamer revisits some important topics that were left kind of ambiguous in Naughty Dog... | PS3

Gamigon Live: The Last Of Us Single Player: Why I Think It Is Awesome

39d ago - Gamigon Live says: "Last night I held the most Amazing livestream here at Gamigon Live. It was... | PS3

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