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10 Best Moments In The Last Of Us

1d 12h ago - As anybody who has played the title knows, The Last of Us delivers moment after memorable moment... | PS3

Ping of the Week – Remastered Games

1d 21h ago - Jonathan from Me-Time Gamer writes: "If you’ve kept up with your video game backlog, you know whe... | PS4

Top 10 Satisfying Villain Deaths In Video Games

5d ago - There's not much that can compare to the feeling of seeing a despised villain meet their fitting... | PS2

Top 10 Playstation 3 Exclusives

5d ago - A system is nothing without great games, and Greatness truly awaited us with these fantastic titl... | PS3

Check out the new Bloodborne Trailer

Now - Sony just released a new trailer of the upcoming PS4 exclusive by From Software and SCE Japan Studio. | Promoted post

Endless Backlog Top 10 Games of Gen 7

7d ago - Endlessbacklog lists their collective picks for the top 10 of the gen. Gagan thinks it should be... | Nintendo DS

2014's Most Intriguing LGBT Characters

7d ago - GLAAD Writes: here have been some notable improvements in the quantity of LGBT characters appeari... | PC

2014: The Critical Turning Point of Representation in Games

11d ago - Jamaal Ryan writes: "If there was one important theme to pick from the last 12 months, it would b... | Culture

Endless Backlog Best of Gen 7 Week: Chris's Top 10

12d ago - Endlessbacklog kicks off best of gen 7 week with Chris's 10 favorite games of gen 7 | Nintendo DS

Endlessbacklog: Ben's top 10 of the generation

12d ago - Endlessbacklog kicks off their best of gen 7 week with Ben's 10 favorite games of the 7th generat... | Nintendo DS

10 Video Games That Totally Nailed Their Final Levels

13d ago - WC: Satisfying endings and conclusions are essential to great games – what’s the point in investi... | PC

15 Most Influential Video Games Of All Time

14d ago - WC: Innovation is a particularly hard thing to come by in 2015 – just ask Hollywood and the likes... | PC

Uncharted 4 vs. The Last of Us – Striking Similarities that You Should Know

15d ago - Naughty Dog, the developers of the Last of Us are coming with Uncharted 4 this year and it is one... | PS4

8 PS3 Exclusive Titles You Must Play Before Getting PS4

15d ago - Sony Entertainment is one of the biggest gaming franchise in the world. Even though the PlayStati... | PS3

What’s the Best Current-Gen Console?‏

15d ago - So, the Xbox One and PS4 have been out for over a year and the Wii U for more than two; in many r... | PS4

The 15 Best PlayStation Now Subscription Games You Should Play Right Now

17d ago - We're getting closer to the day when we'll finally kiss gaming consoles goodbye. Today, Sony i... | PS3

The PlayStation Now subscription games you need to play

18d ago - If you missed out on some of the PlayStation 3’s best games, you’re about to get an interesting w... | PS3

Experienced Points: In The Last of Us, Joel Had It Right

24d ago - Shamus Young: Yes, I know The Last of Us came out in 2013. But I only just got around to exper... | PS3

Creative Director of The Last of Us approves fan written alternate ending

26d ago - *Spoiler Alert* Even in good fun, the following might give away parts of The Last of Us for th... | Culture

Get Better Or Die: Exploring How Simple Tweaks In XP Mechanics Can Create Harder Games

26d ago - Using the games Dark Souls, Rogue Legacy and The Last Of Us Online, this is a look into how the d... | Culture

Top 10 Best Games Of The Generation Ranked

32d ago - The Gaming Report lists the top 10 games they think are the best of the last generation. | PC

The New Nintendo 3DS XL Is Here

Now - Is the system worth your hard earned money? | Promoted post

Countdown - Top 10 Games that Just Missed the Top 10 of 2014

33d ago - Jack, Ryan, and Ray take a look at 10 games Achievement Hunter loved, but not enough to give them... | Culture

Finally Playing The Last Of Us – Opinions Of An Xbox Gamer

40d ago - One of IM PLAYIN's writers has put down his Xbox One controller to give The Last of Us Remastered... | PS4

Achievements: What We Need to Have Fun

43d ago - One of our writers explores what achievement systems are doing to gaming culture: the good, the b... | PS2

12 Emotional Gaming Moments Guaranteed to Make You Ugly Cry

44d ago - Twinfinite writes: Here is a list of some of the most intense, passionate, and emotional ugly-cry... | Culture

The Games We'll Still Be Playing in 20 Years' Time

53d ago - Power Up Gaming takes a look at the top four modern-era games that are built to stand the test of... | PC
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