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Here’s Almost 17 Minutes of New Gameplay for The Evil Within

1d 18h ago | Video | Once again the catch is to posses the ability to put up with PewDiePie’s incessant ramblings. The insanely popular Youtube personality has uploaded the second part to his E3 demo gameplay of The Ev...

New The Evil Within Release Date Announced

5d ago | News | Hardcore Gamer: At Quake Con 14 it was announced that The Evil Within has a new release date

The Evil Within - 16 Minutes Of New Gameplay Footage Revealed

3d ago | Video | YouTube’s PewDiePie has shared a new video walkthrough from The Evil Within, showing 16 minutes of gameplay footage.

Leaked footage of The Evil Within from Japan Expo'14

9d ago | Video | "A YouTube poster recently posted a low quality video documenting Japan Expo 2014. Included in it...

Preview: The Evil Within | Parallax Play

6d ago | Preview | Parallax Play: "Because safe is just a word in Shinji Mikami’s freaky new scarefest. from the...

The Evil Within's release date moved forward by a week in US and Europe

4d ago | News | We're used to delays, but it's not often you see a game brought forward a week. Survival horror b...

10 Games We Are Still Waiting For In 2014

17d ago | Opinion piece | GamingSoFar: 2013 was a great year for great new games but 2014 is bringing us the next gen games...

The Evil Within to Receive 'Gore Mode' DLC in Japan

14d ago | News | Twinfinite writes: The Evil Within will be seeing its release in just a few short months. Howe...

Bethesda Hosting Blood Drive Inspired by The Evil Within

14d ago | News | GR: Bethesda has just announced that, for the first time in the history of QuakeCon, it will be h...

5 games that will define PS4 for the remainder of 2014

14d ago | Opinion piece | PSU's Mike Harradence writes: "While a numbe...

Xbox SDCC 2014 Schedule

11d ago | News | Comic Con is only two weeks away and Microsoft plans to return to the Manchester Grand Hyatt...

Survival Horror Is Alive and in No Need of a Savior

23d ago | Opinion piece | BD writes: We’ve all heard it, likely more than once. Horror games are dead and buried, waiting f...

The Future of DLC and Rating Systems

6d ago | Opinion piece | Bryan Dull from High Score Reviews writes: 'I have never been one to complain about downl...

The Daily Five: E3 2014 Micro-Previews

25d ago | Preview | "E3 2014 is well behind us at this point, and Stealthy Box did a bang up job of bringing you...

Zero1gaming: The Evil Within Preview

23d ago | Preview | As part of his horror show feature, JBH previews Shinji Mikami's upcoming survival horror ga...

Hands-On The Evil Within at E3 2014 | MediaStinger

13d ago | Preview | MediaStinger: "... even after dying numerous ti...

The Father of Survival-Horror Speaks on The Evil Within - AusGamers

19d ago | Interview | AusGamers interviewed the enigmatic Shinji Mika...

Gamigonlive: Johnny's Top-5 Most Anticipated Games For 2014

20d ago | Opinion piece | Gamigonlive says: "There are a lot of games com...

E3 2014: Horror is Back in The Evil Within | Hardcore Gamer

29d ago | Preview | Shinji Mikami has had a prosperous career. He’s...

Why The Evil Within will become my first PS4 title?

24d ago | Opinion piece | "Make sure you do not miss out on such a comple...

The Evil Within is What Defines a Shinji Mikami Game | VGS

28d ago | Preview | "Shinji Mikami is quite possibly one of my all-...

CGM Previews: The Evil Within

29d ago | Preview | There was a constant feeling of tension as I started though the demo on the show floor at E3...
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