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Get a Fighting Chance Pack by pre-ordering The Evil Within via Steam

13h ago | News | SegmentNext - "Bethblog, Bethesda Softwork’s ve...

Not So Family Gaming #2 | Late E3 Takeaways & The Evil Within

1d 15h ago | Videocast | Not So Family Gaming's hosts Matt and Josh shar...

Freddy Krueger actor lends voice of Ruvil in The Evil Within

4d ago | News | Voice cast announced for The Evil Within

Bethesda Releases Over an Hour of The Evil Within Gameplay

12d ago | Videocast | In preparation for launch, Bethesda has published a video of The Evil Within which shows the game in action for over an hour. The game is played by Bethesda Vice President Pete Hines on the PS4....

Horrifying The Evil Within Trophy List unleashed

9d ago | News | Tango Gameworks has today cryptically revealed the full Trophy list for its upcoming Shinji Mikam...

Hands on: The Evil Within I Rice Digital

12d ago | Preview | Rice Digital get some serious hands on time, deep into The Evil Within's story - and find that it...

The Evil Within’s ESRB Rating Describes Some Really Gruesome Scenes

19d ago | News | The Evil Within is a bloody game, and today the ESRB published its quite obviously Mature rating with an appropriately bloody description, that depict some really gruesome scenes.

Top 3 Best Upcoming Games

20d ago | Opinion piece | 2013 was flooded with amazing games from the outstanding The Last of Us to the terrifying Outlast. However that was last year, now its time to thro...

PAX Prime: Sell Bethesda Your Soul, Win a Custom ‘Evil Within’ Xbox One

4d ago | News | This coming Saturday at PAX Prime, Bethesda has...

Should I Be Excited About… The Evil Within

12d ago | Opinion piece | "Times have been hard for fans of survival-horror. We each recall the glory years of the PS1...

The Evil Within will be 15-20 hours long

15d ago | News | The Evil Within's campaign will last most players 15-20 hours, Bethesda has revealed.

The Evil Within Season Pass announced

16d ago | News | With the release of The Evil Within fast approaching, Bethesda announced today that the game will...

The Evil Within: New Screenshots

17d ago | Screenshot | Here's few new screenshots for The Evil Within showing a frightening Box Man. A Character that'll be playable in the first DLC.In the second and th...

Vote for The Evil Within Alternate Cover Art

30d ago | News | Bethesda is hosting a survey to let fans decide on The Evil Within's alternate cover art.

Top 10 Most Anticipated Games of 2014 so far

25d ago | Opinion piece | Xrayz show us a top 10 most anticipated games of 2014 so far. Some of the top games of 2014 are D...

Will Evolve Delay Mean a Release Date Reversal for The Evil Within?

24d ago | Opinion piece | Hardcore Gamer: Facing competition from Evolve,...

The Evil Within is the Resident Evil You've Been Waiting For |TGH

14d ago | Preview | Vaughn writes on TheGamersHub: "Since Resident...

Retrospective: Remembering Resident Evil 4 - AusGamers

18d ago | Article | With The Evil Within creeping up on gamers, Aus...

The Evil Within Has Unkillable Enemies

15d ago | News | Not only will players have to fight nightmarish ghouls in The Evil Within, its been revealed...
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