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PlayStation Store Sales This Week Feature EA & Bethesda Publisher Deals

2d ago | News | Last week it was 2K and Square Enix, and this week EA and Bethesda have their own publisher sales going live on the PlayStation Store in North America, discounting various games and content on Play...

Top 10 Most Disappointing Games of 2014

3d ago | Opinion piece | WatchMojo: "These games certainly aren't the worst games, but they’re just not as good as they we...

Best Game of 2014 That No One Played

30d ago | Opinion piece | The best games that managed to fall under the radar.

Weekend sale features Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster, The Evil Within and more

5d ago | News | New weekend deals include Final Fantasy X|X-2 HD Remaster (PS3) at $13.99 in addition to The Evil Within at $20.40 (PC game code) or $29.99 (Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC discs) and more.

Top 10 scary moments in gaming

4d ago | Opinion piece | Sportskeeda: Games aren’t just entertaining and fun. They can also be terrifying and dead scary. if you think that video games cannot scare you the...

The Evil Within 2 - The changes that need to happen

7d ago | Opinion piece | Kenny McDonnell: "Last week,I finally got around to playing The Evil Within, eventually finishin...

Resident Evil 7 or The Evil Within 2 - Mikami's Next Survival Horror

15d ago | Opinion piece | To many, Shinji Mikami is the god of survival horror within the gaming industry. He is a master o...

Top 10 Scariest Creatures in Video Games

15d ago | Opinion piece | Shacknews takes a look at the top 10 scariest creatures to hit the virtual world.

Bagogames' 2014 Game of the Year - The Evil Within

23d ago | Opinion piece | I haven’t felt so worried in a game while firing my weapon, always wondering if there would be mo...

Best Survival/Horror Game of 2014

24d ago | Opinion piece | gamrReview's Jake Weston: "Survival Horror fans have a love/hate relationship with their favorite genre. While we are no doubt beyond the Golden Ag...

What Makes A Game The Worst Of Its Year?

27d ago | Opinion piece | Pixel Gate writes: ''2014 had a number of bad games, and even more disappointing games. From t...

How to Get Every Collectible in The Evil Within

20d ago | Article | In their two part series, GamerU provides you with the location of every collectible item in the...

The Totally Random History of Randomness in Games

11d ago | Opinion piece | Keeping players on their toes is something designers have been angling for in every generati...

5 Favorite Horror Games of 2014

28d ago | Opinion piece | BD: If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times. This has been a fantastic year to b...

Bagogames Staff Picks For Game of the Year 2014

28d ago | Opinion piece | The bagogames staff takes a look at the games of 2014 and lets everyone know their personal...

The Evil Within: Chapter 10 Boss: Alpha

13d ago | Video | At the end of the Evil Within chapter 10, we face the Amalgam Alpha.

CeX's Top 10 Games of 2014 (7-5)

25d ago | Opinion piece | Denis Murphy writes- Too many games, so little time. But don't worry, CeX has you covered fo...

What Defines A Video Game?

21d ago | Opinion piece | Sounds like a silly question but it's time to make it clear what defines a video game and wh...

GameFocus Podcast: January 2015 Edition

22d ago | Podcast | Break out the bubbly because it is the first podcast of the New Year. In this episode the gu...

BagoGames | The Evil Within Review

17d ago | Review | BagoGames Rage quitting isn’t big and it’s not clever, but sometimes it’s necessary for y...

21 Best PC Video Games ScreenShots

24d ago | Opinion piece | Here are the 20 best PC screenshots taken from the different games, which were released till...

Kevin Spacey Gets The GOTY Award That Really Matters

28d ago | Video | Luke Plunkett: Struggling to find a host or two...

Extra Punctuation: The Honorable and Dishonorable Game Mentions For 2014

23d ago | Opinion piece | Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw: I have this terrible...
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