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The Shrine of Malacath joins Talos and Azura in Gaming Heads’ lineup

45d ago - Gaming Heads' has revealed the Shrine of Malacath as the latest in its Shrine Series of Skyrim st... | Culture

10 fun facts about video game characters

51d ago - Did you know that Nintendo originally intended Link to travel into a futuristic techno-Hyrule? He... | Culture

6 Last-Gen Gems

52d ago - GameCrate: "Here are some of the most important, hardest-hitting, and influential last-gen games." | PC

Romance In Video Games

52d ago - So romance has forever been a prevalent theme for gaming, however it's becoming more serious and... | Culture

Start Making Games for the PS4

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Rice University offering a course on Skyrim

53d ago - Professor Donna Ellard is offering a course in Skyrim to her students at Rice University. It isn’... | PC

Enderal: a Skyrim Total Conversion Mod, Undercity Trailer

53d ago - The modding group SureAI that created one of the only completed Total Conversion mods for Oblivio... | PC

New mode improves Skyrim’s perk system

54d ago - Skyrim is undoubtedly one of the greatest open-world RPGs in recent memory, some would even argue... | PC

These Slick Skyrim Screens Look Like Gorgeous Oil Paintings

54d ago - Skyrim is already a great-looking game, and a dedicated modding community has managed to make the... | PC

Over 950 Hours Of Skyrim May Be Too Much

54d ago - Technology Tell writes, "Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking how could I possibly h... | PC

Beyond Skyrim Mod - High Rock Province Showcased

58d ago - A couple of days ago, some images from this project’s High Rock Province were shared, showcasing... | PC

If Skyrim Met Dragon Age, We’d Have the Perfect Fantasy Game

60d ago - UM writes: I’ve been playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for the past uh, 15 hours or so, and it’s be... | PC

Best Android Games 11/24 feature SRPG, ARPG and a Formidable Open World RPG | Hardcore Droid

60d ago - These are the five top games that Hardcore Droid recommends for the week of 11/24. | Android

Clearing Out The Sandbox - Are Sandbox Games Overused?

63d ago - Gaming technology becomes more advanced, complex and more capable with each passing day. The scal... | PC

Skywind – Morrowind Mod For Skyrim – Third Official Development Video Released

66d ago - The team behind the ambitious Morrowind mod for Skyrim, Skywind, has released a new development v... | PC

Liquored-Up Let’s Play – Fus Roh Yeah

73d ago - John Wyma, GIZORAMA - "Tonight’s Liquored-Up Let’s Play (thanks to my Editor, since the crowd see... | PC

I Feel Bad Slaughtering Forsworn in Skyrim

74d ago - Technology Tell writes, "See, the in the lore of Skyrim, the Forsworn were a tribe of people who... | PC

Why Skyrim is still an awesome game

75d ago - "Three years later and Skyrim is still kicking video game arse! After reaching the sales mileston... | PC

Will Bethesda Bring Skyrim to Xbox One and PS4?

75d ago - Christopher Buffa (Prima Games): It was inevitable that a handful of publishers would release Xbo... | PS4

Skyrim: Juniper Berry Beer Is Actually Pretty Good

76d ago - GeekParty's Alcoholic Luigi is, rather predictably, excited about finding a beer that brings him... | PC

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Five Games Worth Checking Out Again

78d ago - Brian from Denkiphile: "I don’t think I’m wrong in saying that most games tend to have a pretty s... | PC

Project Skywind Screenshots By Andy Cull

80d ago - Skyrim Fansite writes: "Andy Cull, a good friend to the Skyrim Fansite, has recently published a... | PC

Dragonborn helmet from Skyrim would save you from an arrow to the head

82d ago - Polygon: It's been a while since we checked in with AWE Me, the YouTube series that has shown us... | Industry

Dragon Age Inquisition Makes Skyrim Feel Small; Multiplayer A Mashup Of Mass Effect 3 & Dark Souls

82d ago - A press member mentioned some of his Dragon Age Inquisition impressions, such as the game being s... | PC

Tales Producer Says He’s Interested In Making Open-World Games Like Skyrim

82d ago - In a new video released by Bandai Namco, Tales series producer Hideo Baba once again comments on... | PS3

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