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Steam For-Profit Mod System Fallout Grows & It’s Going to Get Worse

8h ago - Community fallout from the Steam Workshop's new for-profit mod system has already started. Even w... | PC

Paid Mods In Skyrim: Is This The End Of Modding As We Know It?

12h ago - Skyrim Fansite writes: "Paid mods in Skyrim roll out today in a controversial new Steam Workshop... | PC

Visit CGMagazine: The Culture of Games

Now - CGM is for the mature audience of comics and games that wants more out of their media than just a review score. | Promoted post

Opinion: Money for Steam Workshop Mods Turns Hobby into Commerce

1d 13h ago - Valve announced that Steam Workshop creators can now charge money for their mods, starting with S... | PC

Why The Skyrim Mod Charges Are A Terrible Idea In Steam

1d 23h ago - "Earlier today, Bethesda and Valve made a move to alter the current community modding mechanism i... | PC

Steam Workshop paid mod backlash begins: should modders be compensated?

2d ago - Skyrim modders can now make cash from their creations, but not everyone is happy about it. IncGam... | PC

Come Roleplay With Me – An Introduction To RP In Video Games

5d ago - In this new weekly column, join us on a quest to discover more about RP (Role-Playing) in gaming,... | PC

The best PC games

6d ago - Eurogamer: Eurogamer's best games lists aim to guide you to the highest quality, most original,... | PC

The Game Industry Is Only Getting Better

7d ago - A simple yet endearing question, as to the status of games leaves Harjit slightly more optimistic... | Culture

12 Games Made Better with Star Wars Mods

9d ago - GamesRadar - It would cost you a fortune to buy every Star Wars game ever made. Not that you'd ne... | Culture

10 Hilariously Weird Skyrim Mods to Use on Your Next Playthrough

10d ago - Dorkly: For convienence, I've linked to the NexusMod page for each Skyrim add-on, in case you wan... | PC

10 Skyrim Easter Eggs That Will Make You Wanna Replay It Immediately

10d ago - Dorkly: Skyrim is, as you may be aware, a pretty massive game. Without even accounting for the ca... | PC

Non-player Characters are the Town Idiots

12d ago - GamesRadar - I will freely admit that I love people-watching. There are few better things to do o... | Culture

Not So Serious: Beginning a little-known game called Skyrim

14d ago - GamersFTW writer Tom finally gets round to righting a wrong that he's let lie for far too long. S... | PC

Top 25 Games of the Last Generation | 15 – 11

24d ago - Gaming Trend counts down the Top 25 games of the 360 / PS3 / Wii era, and today's days are number... | Wii

Why the current gen of consoles has failed to live up to their NextGen promise

24d ago - James Tubbins was promised a "next gen" experience and he feels cheated. He writes "When next-gen... | PS4

The making of the biggest Skyrim mod ever

24d ago - "It’s a total conversion for a four-year-old game,” read PC Gamer US’s rundown of Nehrim: At Fate... | PC

Lore-abiding Citizen: The Top 10 Books in The Elder Scrolls

31d ago - Owen Atkinson: "Slaying dragons and saving emperors is all well and good, but some of us know tha... | PC

Time Extend: The Elder Scrolls V - Skyrim

43d ago - Edge: Ostensibly, The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim was about the type of tale that’s been told thousa... | Xbox 360

Six Games that May be Modern Day Gaming Classics

45d ago - Gamemoir considers the games of today that might be tomorrow's classics. | Culture

The Elder Scrolls VI: 10 Essential Things It Must Learn From Skyrim

46d ago - Although patches and gameplay tweaks were rolled out in the months and years following Skyrim’s r... | PC

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

The Solitude of 'Skyrim' Remains The Remedy For An Overly-Connected Age

48d ago - The first thing Paul Tassi did when he got his new gaming PC set up was to use Internet Explorer... | PC

Saving Skyrim with Spider-Man: Reviewing games with mods and whatever

53d ago - Joe Yang takes a critical look at the experience of modding in the context of experiencing and re... | Culture

Skyrim Star Trek Mod Adds Spock As A Follower

57d ago - Skyrim Fansite writes: "Add Spock as your follower with this Skyrim Star Trek mod. Today is a... | PC

What might we see from Bethesda at E3 this year

57d ago - Ian Koehler is really interested in what Bethesda are planning for E3 and writes "Nothing is conf... | PC

Four Things Wrong With Skyrim

59d ago - Skyrim is an amazing and wonderful game. However, now that the excitement has been set aside afte... | Culture
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