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Skyrim Funko Pop! Leaked Images: Fans Under Impressed

2d ago - Skyrim Fansite writes: "Leaked images of the upcoming Skyrim Funko Pop! figures leaves some fans... | PC

The Best Video Game Sidekicks

7d ago - The Non-Fiction Gaming staff discuss who were the best video game sidekicks. "Sidekicks have l... | Culture

See what games are coming out in 2015

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2015. | Promoted post

A Modded Skyrim is a Healthy Skyrim Part 5 - New Stuff to Do

11d ago - In Part 5 of 5, we tackle some of the best quest and follower mods, breathing new life into a 4 y... | PC

The Allure of Western RPGs

14d ago - There are two types of people in the world. Those who prefer Western RPGs and those who prefer Ja... | PC

Celebrating the Freeness of Skyrim Mods Part 4 – Game-Changers

14d ago - We're back in the swing of things - Part 4 of our series tackles the best free Skyrim gameplay mo... | PC

Promoting Exploration; A Look At Massive Open-Worlds

14d ago - "To roam or not to roam, that is the question." - William Shakespeare, on his lesser known play "... | PC

Skyrim With Mods Looks Better Than The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

17d ago - FreakOrama writes: ""Skyrim with mods looks better" is what a lot of people are saying towards Th... | PC

Dear Bethesda, Please Don’t Make ‘The Elder Scrolls VI’ as Drab as ‘Skyrim’, Thanks

18d ago - Vice: Ah. Smell that? That waft of predetermined disappointment? That thick miasma of the hopes... | Culture

Skyrim Mods Are Your Friend: Part 3 - Sharp Swords and Slick Hairdos

19d ago - Welcome to Part 3 of our series on the best of Skyrim’s mods, where we tackle making characters l... | PC

Skyrim Mods Are Free Again – What Better Time to Mod Your Game? Part 2

21d ago - COG says: Our series cataloguing our favourite Skyrim mods from the last 3+ years continues with... | PC

Skyrim Mods Are Free Again – What Better Time to Mod Your Game? Part 1

23d ago - COG writes: Three and half years after release, Skyrim's community has produced some of the most... | PC

The 100 Best Open-World Games

23d ago - We all love open-world games, the sandbox genre alone has a ton of amazing titles. Today, we want... | PS4

How Fans Can Make a Difference in the Gaming World

23d ago - Fans and gaming companies don't always see eye to eye, but the former relies on the latter for en... | PC

Postmortem: Analyzing The Catastrophic Failure of Steam's Paid Skyrim Mods

26d ago - GamersNexus: "On April 25, Valve revealed to the public a collaborative effort with Bethesda and... | PC

Roundtable: Far from the modding crowd

27d ago - Last week, Valve expanded its Steam Workshop to allow mod makers to sell their works directly to... | PC

Paid mods are dead: PC Gamer reacts

27d ago - Valve has dropped the payment feature from the Skyrim Steam Workshop, not even a week after it wa... | PC

Experienced Points: Charging for Skyrim Mods Was a Horrendous Idea

28d ago - Shamus Young: This column is being written on Sunday, and will go live on Tuesday, so if any... | Industry

Some People Are Upset That Skyrim's Paid Mods Are Gone

28d ago - The era of paid Steam mods ended almost as quickly as it began. Some people are pleased. Others a... | PC

Some People Are Pissed That Skyrim's Paid Mods Are Gone

28d ago - The era of paid Steam mods ended almost as quickly as it began. Some people are pleased. Others a... | PC

Player Power: Consumer Feedback Will Continue To Change The Industry

28d ago - Unlike many other forms of entertainment, video games as a medium have always been tied to comput... | Xbox

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Why Steam Workshop paid Mods took an arrow to the knee

29d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "Aaand it's gone! Was the paid mod addition an 'evil', money hungry ploy, o... | PC

Valve Reverses Paid Mods - A Mistake?

29d ago - BNR: Surprise, everybody: Valve has decided to reverse paid mods; it's no longer possible to purc... | PC

Let Us Talk About Paid Mods

30d ago - No clickbaiting here, just Dr. Strangethumb talking about paid mods on steam. The good, the bad,... | PC

Top 10 Worst Paid Mods for Skyrim on Steam Workshop

30d ago - "A fine selection of the worst paid mods on Steam Workshop for Skyrim." | PC

Mods for Money is DLC for Money

31d ago - So Steam is making it so people can now charge money for the game mods they create, and it’s star... | PC
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