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How Can The Elder Scrolls Get Away With This, CD-Keys?

269d ago ... ***Update*** -The developers have come out and stated what you see below. /But it has not been stated that you will not need a key for your ESOTU Online account/ Which is needed to sign into the game and play online - Until this is cleared up I will remain on the fence. -But they have stated, "The physical console version of The Elder Scrolls Online: Tamriel Unlimited does not require a one...

5 Things We Want to See in The Elder Scrolls Online

1314d ago ... The release of The Elder Scrolls Online is still a ways off but that doesn't mean we can make a few suggestions on what we would like to see when we take our first steps in game. The Elder Scrolls series is filled with tons of lore, mysteries and cultures giving TES:O a lot of opportunity to become one of the best MMOs to date, here are a few things we hope they don't miss. 1. The Ability to...
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