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Some Words for Broken Age

310d ago ... [b]From Fogknight22[/b] Double Fine is one of the most influential independent gaming studios in the industry. They created memorable games like Psychonauts, Costume Quest, The Cave, and Brütal Legend. Some stepped around the perimeter of “indie”, but they all demonstrated Double Fine’s creativity. On March 12, 2012, Double Fine succeeded at one of the most successful crowdfunding endeavors...


312d ago ... [b]By Raj Joshi, 17-BIT Studio Director[/b] As we’ve built [i]Galak-Z[/i], we realized a funny thing – we kept building onto one main level rather than adding new levels. Typically, we'd be building new levels left and right to express new gameplay concepts, but with [i]Galak-Z[/i], we were focused on how each new enemy, trap, plant, and weapon fit into the mix, so we kept smushing them tog...

Illumiroom: More Smoke and Mirrors

753d ago ... When I first saw the proof of concept video for Illumiroom I thought to myself “neat”. It’s the kind of thing that someone who invests heavily in entertainment technology to ever increase that feeling of immersion would enjoy, someone like me. If I thought for one second that it would ever translate into any kind of affordable consumer device this blog would be praising it instead of trying t...
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