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The Castle Doctrine Review | PixelPerfectGaming

612d ago - The Castle Doctrine is a unique experience that places you in a scenario where you have no choice... | PC

The Castle Doctrine Review by The Black Panel

631d ago - The Black Panel writes: The Castle Doctrine is a multiplayer home-invasion simulator from provoca... | PC

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The Castle Doctrine review | PCGMedia

652d ago - Tom takes a look at The Castle Doctrine. Rohrer may make a bold, artistic statement, but does... | PC

The Horrible Show #501 - Aim Higher

654d ago - Horrible Night: "Justin, Ethan, and Aaron break in a new format for The Horrible Show. Good decis... | PC

The Castle Doctrine | Review - AWESOMEoutof10

654d ago - AWESOMEoutof10's Adam DeMarco invades other peoples' homes and murders their wives and children i... | PC

Hidden Audio Log Podcast - Episode 32

658d ago - Isaac Wagner: "We present here before you Episode 32. In this powerful entry in the acclaimed Hid... | PC

The Castle Doctrine Review | HAL

659d ago - Isaac Wagner: "The Castle Doctrine is so dedicated to itself that it's constantly in utter contem... | PC

Joel and Adam check out The Castle Doctrine

661d ago - Joel and Adam explore the legal limits of the castle doctrine, also, they play The Castle Doctrin... | PC

The Castle Doctrine Review (GodisaGeek)

663d ago - Posted by Colm Ahern In this crazy mixed-up world, one over-whelming stereotype of the male sp... | PC

How Jason Rohrer is (and isn’t) fixing The Castle Doctrine

664d ago - With reviews pouring in from both gamers and the press, there’s a clear consensus on Rohrer’s ste... | PC

The Castle Doctrine Review: Trying times | GamerTell

666d ago - GamerTell writes: "It’s 1991 and everyone is out to get you. You’re just one man, out to protect... | PC

Are Steam Sales Bad for the Industry?

666d ago - The perceived cost of a video game has gone down pretty drastically recently, especially for peop... | PC

Players feel robbed by Jason Rohrer’s The Castle Doctrine

667d ago - Jason Rohrer’s games make players feel things. The Castle Doctrine makes players feel paranoid, i... | Arcade

The Castle Doctrine Review: Go ahead, punk, make my day |

669d ago - At times rewarding but ultimately frustrating, The Caste Doctrine is more of a psychological conv... | PC

The Castle Doctrine Review | Hardcore Gamer

670d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Let me assure you: writing a review about Jason Rohrer’s newest game, The Castle... | PC

The Castle Doctrine – Preview (PC) | CriticalIndieGamer

670d ago - (CriticalIndieGamer) The front door slams open, darkness obscures all but the corridor in front o... | PC

Rampant Sales are Good for Players, and That’s Good for Creators

674d ago - GIZORAMA - Say there’s this game you’ve been thinking about buying. It’s not at the top of your w... | Industry

Steal Game Money, Make Real Money With 'The Castle Doctrine'

676d ago - T1 - Indie dev Jason Rohrer is celebrating the final week of The Castle Doctrine's alpha in style... | PC

Castle Doctrine Preview: My house has been robbed, my family is dead | GamerTell

678d ago - From the preview, " I’ve lived 10 lives in two hours, and each one had similar results. My home w... | PC

Exploring the Ethics of The Castle Doctrine

850d ago - GameSpot - Jason Rohrer's upcoming game The Castle Doctrine presents an ethically simplistic view... | PC

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain (XB1) Review

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Review: The Castle Doctrine | Digitally Downloaded

962d ago - Digitally Downloaded writes: "After two solid weeks of robbing houses, setting up traps, and gett... | PC

How I Became a Murderous Recluse in Jason Rohrer’s The Castle Doctrine

985d ago - Travis Pynenburg reflects on his time in Jason Rohrer's robbery MMO, The Castle Doctrine. He exam... | PC

Jason Rohrer Releases 'The Castle Doctrine' Alpha

990d ago - "Jason Rohrer is at it again with a massively-multiplayer game with disturbing implications. Whil... | PC

Inside a Star-filled Sky dev's next title is The Castle Doctrine

1134d ago - Jason Rohrer, the developer behind tactical shooter Inside a Star-filled Sky, has teased his next... | PC
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The Castle Doctrine

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