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Shadow walking your way through Leap of Fate

69d ago ... [b]From Mattieu Bégin, Co-Founder of Clever-Plays[/b] When we started designing Leap of Fate, we thought real hard about how to define our gameplay. What would set the game apart in the eye of the player? The answer lies in our tagline; "the hack-and-slash rogue-like". It's a mouthful, but it does reflect very well what the game is: a mix between the room-based, intense burst of combat fr...

Enter the Gungeon Impressions

85d ago ... [b]From -Alpha[/b] Enter the Gungeon, by Dodge Roll Games, is a thrilling rogue-like dungeon crawler full of guns, lightning reflexes, and awesome enemies. Starting by selecting from one of four starting heroes, each unique with a small tale of their own and starting sidearm, you first start by completing a tutorial that has you mastering the basics of dodging, shooting, and rolling. T...

January Contest Winners

1340d ago ... Congratulations, you winners! LOYAL READER LOTTERY: pandehz - $100 Amazon Gift Card will_c_75 - $100 Amazon Gift Card Erudito87 - $100 Amazon Gift Card BEST USER BLOG: Sephris, The Gaming Industry Wants To Drive You Mad! $100 Amazon Gift Card BEST USER REVIEW: Yoshihiro, The Binding of Isaac
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