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  Interview with New World Interactive's Andrew Spearin

Valenka asked Andrew Spearin, Creative Director at New World Interactive, about the conception of Insurgency, the concept of realism, and platforms...

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Gamebreak: The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf -- A Max Level Review

2d ago - Wow! Yes! What?! YES! Wait…what? Above you will find the reactions I had while playing Th... | PC

GenGAME The Wolf Among Us Review - Telltale's Finest

5d ago - GenGAME takes a look at the Wolf Among Us from start to finish and gives their opinion on the gam... | PC

Who’s Afraid of Bigby Wolf? The Wolf Among Us Review | Black Oni Blog

14d ago - Once there was an episodic game, made by Telltale Games, based on a series of comics that once we... | PC

The Wolf Among Us: Cry Wolf Review - Brilliantly Epic

14d ago - The epic season finale to Telltale Games' The Wolf Among Us is here at last. Bigby Wolf faces dan... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

The Walking Dead: Season Two Episode One: All That Remains Review | RGZCA

39d ago - What? Matt is just now reviewing the first episode of The Walking Dead Season Two, you say? Yes,... | PC

The Wolf Among Us "In Sheep's Clothing" Review | The Final Gen

53d ago - "The Wolf Among Us finally has its fourth episode released upon the world. In Sheep’s Clothing co... | PC

Gamebreak: The Walking Dead: Season Two ‘In Harm’s Way’

70d ago - Max Level: After completing ‘In Harm’s Way’ I felt a sense of hopelessness creep over me — relivi... | PC

The Walking Dead: Episode One Android Review (Hardcore Droid)

81d ago - A modern day classic finally makes its way to android. But does it survive the transition? | Mobile

The Wolf Among Us Episode 3: A Crooked Mile Review | Unigamesity

99d ago - Simon O'Neill of takes a look at a rather curious game; The Wolf Among Us. Se... | PC

Review: The Wolf Among Us: Episode 3 | Battle Screen

105d ago - Battle Screen's Rita gets her wolf on and looks at how the third episode of The Wolf Among Us has... | PC

The Walking Dead Season 2, Episode 2 “A House Divided” Review | GamersSphere

137d ago - Cassie details the experience she lived while going through The Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 "... | PC

[Continue Play] The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1 Review

144d ago - Continue Play's Richard Moran unleashes the beast within and gives the verdict on the first episo... | PC

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 2 - Smoke & Mirrors - Review & Gameplay | GamersNexus

151d ago - GamersNexus: "I had played through Episode 1, Faith, and was delighted by its gripping storyline,... | PC

The Walking Dead Season 2 - All That Remains Review

188d ago - Find out what Simon O'Neill of thinks about the newest chapter in the ever popular Walk... | PC

Continue Play - Review: The Walking Dead: Season 2, Episode 1

189d ago - The first season of Telltale’s The Walking Dead revitalized the adventure game genre by creating... | PC

Review: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1: Faith [Press2Reset]

246d ago - Who's afraid of the Big Bad Wolf? Marcus Mac Dhonnagáin did some detective work through Faith, Te... | PC

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 – Faith [Review] - Mash Those Buttons

269d ago - Not only has Telltale Games fixed dialogue and morality in games, but also quick-time events. Slo... | PC

Review: The Wolf Among Us - Episode 1 I DualShockers

275d ago - The Wolf Among Us is "a fairy tale in cold blood": DualShockers reviews the first episode in the... | PC

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 1 Review

278d ago - "With extremely inspired visual design and a sharp script, it seems that lightning has struck twi... | PC

Gamr Mag Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days

367d ago - Gamr Mag's very own Liam Warner goes over some of the pros and cons of TellTale's recently releas... | Xbox 360

The Wolf Among Us: Episode 5 – Cry Wolf (PC) Review

Now - Jae dives into the final episode of Bigby’s tale. | Promoted post

GotGame Review: The Walking Dead: 400 Days

383d ago - The Walking Dead: 400 Days is Telltale Games excelling within a restraint. | PC

The Walking Dead review | Madnight GamesTech

384d ago - Matt takes a look at the base game as he gets ready for the release of the 400 Days DLC. | PC

MWEB GameZone Review: The Walking Dead Episode 5, for Clementine

597d ago - The Walking Dead will resonate in our hearts and minds for a very long time. It made an imprint o... | PC

The Walking Dead Episode 5: No Time Left Shows How Powerful Episodic Gaming Can Be (GamerHub.TV)

609d ago - So this is it! After debuting in early February, each episode of The Walking Dead has continued t... | PC

TGC Review: The Walking Dead: Episode 5

609d ago - Zach of The Games Cabin: "Telltale Games has released their fifth and final episode of “The Walki... | PC
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