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Nvidia Planning to Spoil AMD’s Fiji Launch by releasing 980Ti at Computex

98d ago - Rumors are circulating that Nvidia is planning to spoil AMD’s Fiji launch party by one-upping th... | PC

Nvidia Geforce GTX 980 Ti Spotted – Listed at Zauba with 384-bit Bus and 6GB GDDR5 Memory

105d ago - A very interesting entry has surfaced on the insanely reliable shipping records of The... | PC

Top 5 Games To Play in September

Now - August was a great month with many good games. Let's see if this month's game releases can deliver the same amount of excitement... | Promoted post

A new breed of Video Game piracy

129d ago - A group of Chinese hackers announced a device to "backup" Skylander toys. Their videos showcase S... | Xbox 360

Rumor: SteamOS Locked Out By Windows 10 Secure Boot Rules

166d ago - Consumers may not have the choice to dual boot their computers to Windows 10 or SteamOS anymore. | PC

Nintendo to Announce Virtual Boy 2

169d ago - With the cat out of the bag in regards to Nintendo's next console, is the legendary company looki... | Wii

New AMD Presentation Slide Reveals Details about R9 390X - Supports DX12_3, Packs 8GB of VRAM

173d ago - A new AMD presentation slide hit the Internet a couple of hours ago, leaking some new interesting... | PC

Leak claims NVIDIA’s Titan X will be almost as quick as the Titan Z, at a third of the price

174d ago - Called “the most advanced GPU the world has ever seen” by the company’s CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang, at t... | PC

Microsoft confirms cross-IHV ‘AMD + Nvidia’ multi-GPU support by DX12

175d ago - Microsoft Corp. has confirmed that its upcoming DirectX 12 application programming interface (API... | PC

Exclusive: DirectX 12 Will Allow Multi-GPU Between GeForce And Radeon

189d ago - A source with knowledge of the matter gave us some early information about an "unspoken API," whi... | PC

Valve Bringing Final Steam Controller, VR, And New Devices To GDC

193d ago - The 2015 Game Developer’s Conference is next week in San Francisco, and Valve is giving us early... | PC

Rumor: No Steam Dev Days This Year, Are Steam Machines Ready To Launch?

240d ago - Valve may have indirectly confirmed Steam Machines' launch with their announcement that there won... | PC

Xbox One Software Development Kit Leaked Online With Documentation

247d ago - This has not been a good few weeks for Microsoft given Lizard Squad and their obsession for takin... | Xbox One

Microsoft's 'Arcadia' team is building a streaming app and game service

262d ago - Zdnet reports: Arcadia, according to my sources, is the technology being developed by a new strea... | PC

Is Nintendo thinking to the after Wii U?

307d ago - Nintendo is recruiting! But it's not any kind of job offering. Will we get to see a new console c... | PS4

Rumor: Benchmarks And Specs Leak For GeForce GTX 980M

341d ago - "Take these with a pinch of salt but the first specs have reportedly leaked for Nvidia’s upcoming... | Tech

Unity Technologies weighs its options, including a possible sale of the company (exclusive)

358d ago - Venturebeat : "Unity Technologies, the makers of prolific video-game-development engines and t... | Tech

Nvidia GTX 980/970 – First Synthetic Benchmark “3DMark” Scores Leaked

361d ago - DSOGaming writes: "As we can see, the performance difference between Nvidia’s GTX980 and GTX780Ti... | PC
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