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NVIDIA GTX 980 and GTX 970 Get Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and Batman: Arkham Knight In Latest Bundle

9h ago - WCCF - NVIDIA is upping the value of their fastest Maxwell GM204 based graphics cards by offering... | PC

Gear VR for Galaxy S6 Now Available Direct from Samsung

1d 10h ago - VRFocus reports on the official launch of pre-orders for the Gear VR for Samsung Galaxy S6 and Sa... | Android

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Come celebrate the upcoming Avengers: Age of Ultron with us on Filmwatch and win cool prizes. | Promoted post

NVIDIA Shield Streamer Service Impacts Performance By 3-6%, Disable For Extra FPS Boost In Games

3d ago - It appears that NVIDIA has enabled a streamer service that impacts performance on PC systems that... | PC

Answers for 100 Pics Keep Fit Level 26

3d ago - Well guys.. the game itself has about 4000 pics! How many picture packs can you complete? The wal... | iPhone

Square Enix on DX12: "It took around three weeks to get the basic rendering working on DirectX 12"

3d ago - During this year’s Build Developer Conference, Microsoft showcased an amazing tech demo from Squa... | PC

Sony Ending HMZ Line With Project Morpheus Looming

3d ago - VRFocus reports on the news that Sony will be ending its HMZ line of personal viewers with the re... | PS4

Alien: Isolation, Company of Heroes 2 & Game of Thrones Headed to Vive, Valve Leak Suggets

4d ago - VRFocus reports on a supposed image leak from Valve suggesting that titles like Alien: Isolation... | PC

Today's Best Gaming Deals: $12 Alien: Isolation, Star Wars, and More

4d ago - Alien Isolation was one of the best games of 2014, and almost certainly the scariest. If you stil... | Xbox 360

Razer Releasing Seirēn Pro Digital Microphone Aimed at YouTubers and Streamers

4d ago - One of the leading manufactuerers in PC perpherials (and sleek gaming laptops at that), Razer has... | Tech

Sources say GTX 980 Ti graphics card is in the works

4d ago - Undisclosed sources within NVidia revealed today that the company is indeed working on a “Ti” ver... | PC

Today's Best Gaming Deals: Save $17 on Just Cause 3, and a Lot More

5d ago - Just Cause 3 looks like it could be awesome, and you can save a whopping $17 on the PC version if... | PC

Microsoft Build 2015 Live Blog

5d ago - Microsoft Build starts at 11:30 AM EST today. Expect news on Windows 10, HoloLens, Office, Xbox,... | PC

Microsoft's HoloLens Reaches Deal With One of the Biggest Game Engines

5d ago - Microsoft reveals partnership with HearthStone game engine Unity for a free HoloLens toolset. | Tech

Microsoft Is Bringing HoloLens To E3 This Year

5d ago - At the beginning of the year, Microsoft announced a new augmented reality project called HoloLens... | Tech

Virtual reality gets physical with Hands Omni

6d ago - Oculus wants to fool your eyes and ears using its immersion headset, but now a team of engineerin... | Tech

SoCal VR Con Announced for July

6d ago - As virtual reality (VR) continues to race towards consumer availability, more and more events ded... | PC

A new breed of Video Game piracy

7d ago - A group of Chinese hackers announced a device to "backup" Skylander toys. Their videos showcase S... | Xbox 360

Gaming Deals: $350 Xbox One + Free Games, $50 Borderlands Collection

7d ago - $76 PlayStation Vita 64GB memory card, $8 Titanfall, $25 Civilization: Beyond Earth, and more. | PC

HyperX launches a new line of SATA-based SSDs

7d ago - There's a new line of high-performance SSDs on the market. | PC

Plugged – A New Kind of Point-and-Click Adventure – now on Kickstarter

7d ago - EndTimes Studio hoping to get Kickstarter funding for its "unique" PC Adventure - COG News | PC

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The Antics Of Superheroes Off Duty

9d ago - A lot of people have come across Hrjoe Photography‘s work- the unique still motion episodes based... | Tech

Wander, Possibly The First Text Adventure Game Ever, Unearthed

9d ago - Wander is a mainframe text adventure all way from 1974(!), that has been unearthed after languish... | Tech

Best Buy Raises the S6 Gear VR Price by $50

10d ago - Samsung has set the Galaxy S6 Gear VR pricing at $200 the same as the previous version for the No... | Android

Logitech isn't exiting from the mouse market

10d ago - Despite yesterday news, "Logitech will continue in its efforts in the design of the best mouse in... | PC

Gear VR for S6 Release Date Confirmed

11d ago - VRFocus reports on the reveal of a release date for the Gear VR for S6, the newest version of Sam... | Android
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