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An experience you should not miss

It may have been over looked, due to Sony's PS4 being released, but there is a game out there you all must play. That game is Tearaway which has bee developed by Media Molecule (otherwise known as the team behind the LittleBigPlanet series) for the PlayStation Vita.

The story is simple, yet beautiful. At the start of the game you get to choose your messenger (either iota or atoi which is dependent of what gender you choice) and his/her mission is to deliver a message to you (the player). It sounds simple, and it is really, but this game's execution is do extraordinarily well. What really brings you into the game is the use of the front and rear camera. By that small feature you actually become a character the story. You are well you. Throughout you are given opportunities to take photos of yourself, or of your surroundings, which are then plastered all over the level. It may not be a new idea and some may see this as a cheap trick but it really works because you (the player) are constantly been referred to in the narrative. That small detail is what changes this cheap trick into an important gameplay mechanic that I may not be fully appreciated until you complete the game.

The is one of many ways the game uses the Vita's unique features. But at no point did I feel using said features became a chore (which is unlike many Vita games). What this game does right is that it slowly introduces gameplay mechanics and features (to the point where you don't get bored nor does the game get repetitive). I have played a few Vita games and I feel this is a major area some developers get horrifically wrong. They should take note of how Media Molecule constructed their game as they have used nearly all, if not all, of the functionality offered by the Vita (which is something I will not ruin for you).

The functionality isn't even the best bit of the game. The style is phenomenal. The entire world is crafted out of paper; with folds, creases and crunchy sounds being heard with every step. It is an interesting idea that isn't as superficial as other game's stylistic choices. The style really affects the gameplay/story on a deeper level. You won't really appreciate the style choice until you get to those last few levels where you start to realise why the paper like design, combined with the Vita's functionality, was chosen. It is a stunningly beautiful little game that does more than look pleasing on the eye.

The level design clearly has its origins from Media Molecule's first ip (LittleBigPlanet). Each chapter has its own feel and look which you can add to. A big part of this game is creating your own tale which is done by either buying prepare shapes (via collecting confetti) or make your own (which some, anal, people may struggle/dislike). I often found myself channelling my inner child; creating all sorts of child like shapes and objects. It really gave me some sort of ownership and individuality to my story. Saying that the create mode does pull you out of the game. The transition from gameplay/story to work station wasn't very good and often felt a bit disjointed.

This game is a bit short and it doesn't have that amazing online infrastructure their other ip (LittleBigPlanet) had. I am not disappointed that this game doesn't have competitive multiplayer (as that certainly wouldn't have fitted with the ethos of the game) but I am a little disappointed to see a lack of sharing your experiences/creations as the game clearly suits it and often begs for it. It may be an oversight but it is a shame to see this in an almost perfect game.

Overal this game is phenomenal. I encourage any Vita owner to get this game and any future Vita owners to not forget it. Sadly, I feel this game will be overlooked by many since we have new hardware. I have always thought nothing could come close to The Last of Us for my game of the year. This game came bloody close. Well done Media Molecule for showing you really are a heavy weight in this industry.

Well crafting game that is very pleasing on the eye. I love the art direction which play a big part in how the game plays
Like the graphics, the paper sound effects really add to the experience. Their isn't any voice acting (like LBP) though this fits with the style of game
It is nice to see the Vita being used fully but not in an intrusive way. Everything felt natural and easy to use. It is a shame the game isn't very long
Fun Factor
Good fun game. Levels are short but entertaining. Good story which is an experience worth experiencing
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dafegamer1614d ago

Nice review :D
Pretty much agree with it, this game is pure magic

NeloAnjelo1613d ago (Edited 1613d ago )

I am having an amazing time with this game... It just makes you smile so much... plus the story is great, the use of the vita is so innovative and the whole world just feels fun...

Media Molecule are amazing developers with real originality and passion. The music is also fantastic and playful,and suits the levels perfectly.

9/10. A must play.

izumo_lee1612d ago

The ending is probably the warmest fuzziest feeling a gamer will ever get. It'll make you smile, it'll make you cry, it'll make you feel good to have supported & played a game like Tearaway.

It's a beautiful game full of charm & it is a DAMN shame that so many people are missing out cause the Vita isn't as successful as the 3DS. Tearaway is a game that can only be played on the Vita cause it uses every function of the Vita in a non gimmicky way.

Every Vita owner needs this in their library.

dedicatedtogamers1612d ago

Really great review. Although I already own a Vita, this is the sort of game that would push some non-Vita owners over the edge. It is very good. I think what I love the most is that there is zero fluff. The game takes ~10 hours to beat but I can't think of a single moment where I was like "uhhgh, THIS again?"

Plus I want to go back and find the hidden presents and take more pictures. Definitely a must-own title. The soundtrack was sublime.