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Kickstarter: Good or Bad

928d ago ... Indie development is on the rise. The Playstation 4, Playstation Vita, 3DS and Wii U are suddenly finding an unbelievably uncanny amount of indie games heading to their growing libraries of games. Microsoft has recently opted to completely (and suspiciously) 180 its decision on "no self-publishing" for developers on their new Xbox One platform. And yet indie devs are still easily overwhelmed by...

"Never on PS3" my...something!

1501d ago ... Team Meat did it again. I’m pretty sure you all know about the clusterfunk of a story Beefjack posted about Team Meat’s new game announcement. Of course, the blunder about the new game being Super Meat Boy 2 notwithstanding from Beefjack, the issue became again the other major thing that came from a Twitter post where Beefjack got this info from: Team Meat reiterated the whole “Super Meat Boy w...
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