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Tales of Vesperia (360) Review - The Nerd Cabinet

804d ago - Joey of The Nerd Cabinet shares his views on the his latest JRPG experience. "This is what you... | Xbox 360

[GND Review] Tales of Vesperia

881d ago - GND says: "Tales of Vesperia is an interesting game to say the least. Once I began the game, I ju... | Xbox 360

GotGame | Gaming with Killatia Tales of Vesperia

1104d ago - On today’s Gaming with Killatia we take a look at our next tales games Tales Of Veserpia and see... | Xbox 360

RPGfan : Tales of Vesperia PS3 Import Review

1917d ago - James Quentin Clark writes "On the Xbox 360, Tales of Vesperia was one of the best JRPGs of... | 1

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PlayDevil: Tales Of Vesperia X360 EURO Review

2003d ago - PlayDevil has posted an in-depth review of the Xbox 360 JRPG "Tales Of Vesperia. This is b... | 2

Coventry Tel Review: Tales of Vesperia

2014d ago - A twee and slightly sickly start provides instant doubts to the game's quality and appeal. Fallou... | 2

Loot Ninja Review: Tales of Vesperia

2030d ago - Loot Ninja writes: "Tales of Vesperia arrived quite a while ago, but I had so many games to... | 2

Gameplanet: Tales of Vesperia Review

2039d ago - GP writes: "You have to like a game where your pet dog smokes a pipe. That's always been my... | 2

Ausgamers: Tales of Vesperia Review

2039d ago - Ausgamers: Tales of Vesperia's strengths come in the form of its stunning presentation and g... | 2

GameArena: Tales of Vesperia Review

2040d ago - Tales of Vesperia is an excellent game, and definitely a worthy addition to the library of any fa... | 2

BeefJack: Tales of Vesperia Review

2042d ago - BeefJack writes: "I will start by saying that I am not familiar with the other games in this... | 2

Console Monster: Tales of Vesperia Review

2042d ago - Console Monster writes: "Back in the days of the original Xbox, JRPG's were incredibly hard... | 2

NG-Gamer: Tales Of Vesperia Review

2043d ago - NG-Gamer writes: "The following descendant of the Tales series has finally appeared in Europ... | 1,2

Baxy-z: Tales of Vesperia Review

2050d ago - Baxy-Z reviews one of the most anticipated RPGs for the Xbox 360. | 2

Yahoo UK Review: Tales of Vesperia

2050d ago - Yahoo UK writes: "Exquisite artwork and a keen plot elevate this otherwise as-you'd-expect J... | 2

OXCGN's Tales Of Vesperia Review: Tales Of A Long, Desperate Wait

2052d ago - OXCGN: "Better late – than never Tales of Vesperia was released back in the middle... | 2

Britxbox: Tales of Vesperia Review

2052d ago - Jasper Kashap writes: "Tales of Vesperia marks the tenth major installment in the long-runni... | 2

Games2C: Tales of Vesperia Review

2054d ago - The plot is a little see through – with every narrative twist being a bit too predictable. But wi... | 2

Tales of Vesperia Xbox 360 Review - Console Obsession

2057d ago - Tales of Vesperia is one of those games that is absolutely full up to the brim with personality,... | 2

CVG: Tales of Vesperia Review

2059d ago - CVG writes: "Statto alert: Vesperia is actually the tenth 'flagship' title (there are even m... | 2

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Wonderwallweb Review: Tales of Vesperia

2060d ago - Wonderwallweb Writes: Tales of Vesperia instantly draws you in with its lovely look and hold... | 2

Msxbox - Tales of Vesperia review

2062d ago - Msxbox-World writes: "If you're looking for an RPG that centres itself around an involving c... | 1,2

RewiredMind: Tales of Vesperia Review

2062d ago - RewiredMind writes: "If I'm honest, I had completely forgotten that Tales of Vesperia was ev... | 2

PlayTM: Tales of Vesperia Review

2065d ago - Namco are hardly attempting to reinvent the wheel; they're not even trying to apply any forward m... | 2

BoomTown: Tales of Vesperia Review

2065d ago - Of the myriad subgenres within the RPG sphere, the Japanese role-playing game is probably the mos... | 2
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Tales of Vesperia

Average Score 8.3 Reviews(93)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
JP 17 September 2009
Wii Release Dates
Xbox 360 Release Dates
US 26 August 2008
JP 07 August 2008
EU 26 June 2009
AU 30 June 2009