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Tales of Vesperia: A look back

25d ago - The Tales series never really took off in the U.S. market, which is a shame. The series has a lot... | Wii

360 Degrees of Japanese Role Playing

97d ago - Hardcore Gamer: Our team would like to present you with the most comprehensive guide to Japanese... | Xbox 360

Greatest JRPGs Of Last Generation

200d ago - Gaming Union: "With the latest launch of consoles into the 8th generation of gaming, we decided i... | Nintendo DS

What is Namco Bandai Thinking in Regard to the Tales of Series?

257d ago - Iran White writes: Considering that this was a quick port to a hand held system, handled by a... | Xbox 360

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Love the System: Our Favorite RPG Battle Systems

310d ago - PixlBit | "Argue all you want about which RPG has the best characters and story, but neither of t... | Xbox 360

Tales of Xillia – Franchise of Unwavering Convictions

346d ago - The author asks if the Tales series can ever be more than just good. | PS3

My Visit To The Tales of Festival 2013

416d ago - Siliconera: I had no idea what to expect when I arrived at Tales of Festival 2013. The name made... | Culture

Japanese Fans Weigh in on Their Favorite Tales Games

419d ago - Kotaku - This past weekend in Yokohama, 25,000 Japanese fans gathered for Tales of Festival 2013... | PS2

Tales of Merchandise Monthly - May 2013 - Celebrating Tales of Symphonia's 10th Anniversary

425d ago - "Tales of Merchandise Monthly is's monthly column th... | GameCube

Five underrated RPGs on Xbox 360

426d ago - There are actually a few good RPGs for Xbox 360 that have an old school feeling to them. Such RPG... | Xbox 360

Top Ten Xbox 360 Exclusives

444d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "If you've been with and have followed SuperPhillip Central for an e... | Xbox 360

Importing is something you haven't tried, that's unfortunate

485d ago - Remember those games you really wanted to play that either took forever to localize or never even... | PS3

The best JRPG's of this generation

531d ago - Ni No Kuni may have re-sparked interest - but quality JRPGs never really went away. Rice Digital... | Nintendo DS

Ten decent Xbox 'Games on Demand' deals

566d ago - GamesAsylum rounds up the best deals on the Xbox 'Games on Demand' service | Xbox 360

The Top 5 Japanese-style RPGs

649d ago - From Final Fantasy X and Valkyria Chronicles, and more, the 411 staff counts down their top 5 Jap... | PS2

Top 8 Overlooked Xbox 360 Games

711d ago - Tired of all the games you have on Xbox 360? Want games that might have been overlooked but deser... | Xbox 360

Nitpick: No saving grace

748d ago - "Saving games are a necessity considering that most games require more than five hours at a time.... | PSP

Console Games That Could Be Free-To-Play

761d ago - GameInformer: "Free-to-play began on the PC landscape and continues to flourish there. Free-to-pl... | Wii

GNT: Cracking the Case – Tales of Vesperia

820d ago - GNT: What we have on our hands this week is one of the pinnacles of JRPG storytelling on the XBox... | Xbox 360

What happened to classic JRPGs?

842d ago - There was a time when JRPGs were the genre in the gaming industry. That was a long time ago t... | Culture

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Accepting skit-based narrative in Tales of Graces F

863d ago - Tales of Graces F strikes a perfect balance between drama and humor, and is the first Tales game... | PS2

The best value Xbox 360 games

878d ago - From well-padded action titles to sprawling open world RPGs, OXM considers which Xbox 360 games g... | Xbox 360

The 10 Most Insulting Things Video Games Charged Money For

989d ago - Downloadable content (DLC) for games sounds like a great idea, just like stronger government for... | Culture

The Best Voice Actor Performances in Video Games

1064d ago - Ever since gaming moved past bloops and bleeps, voices have had a role to play in our favourite m... | PC

Four against one: Tales fans battle oppression

1070d ago - Gematsu: "Final Fantasy fans have their day. Dragon Quest fans have their day. Pokemon fans have... | PSP
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Tales of Vesperia

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