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From Herobyclicking It may seem lonely. A small ship drifting through space. The camera pulls out and the vast nothingness surrounds your meager...

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Tales of Hearts R Now Available For The iOS in Japan Starting Today

294d ago - AbyssalChronicles: "Well, this is certainly a surprise. Tales of Hearts R, which was originally f... | iPhone

Namco Bandai still has no plans to localize Tales games for PS Vita

356d ago - Namco Bandai isn’t ready to lend its support to the PS Vita when it comes to Tales localizations. | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R and Tales of Innocence R Are Most Requested During Sony Rep’s #JRPGVita Campaign

406d ago - In response to the large amount of feedback, Shahid Kamal Ahmid (the Senior Business Development... | PS Vita

Is Namco’s Twitter feed teasing the EU Tales of Xillia release date, or something more?

477d ago - takes a look at new comments posted yesterday on Namco's official European Twitter f... | PS3

Study Game Design at DeVry

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Level Up: JPRG news recap 05-04-13 – Why Before Crisis: Final Fantasy VII never made it west edition

480d ago - brings you a summary of JRPG news from around the web for April 5th, 2013, including... | Xbox 360

No Plans to Bring the PS Vita Tales Games to the US Because the System is “Doing Relatively Poorly”

481d ago - Hideo Baba, Producer on the Tales franchise, was recently interviewed and asked a bunch of questi... | PS3

PlayStation Euphoria Cast Episode 25 - Is Vita Really a Failure?

481d ago - In the latest episode of the Euphoria Cast, the crew talks about the latest news in gaming like a... | PSP

New "Tales of" News Is Coming In Two Weeks

490d ago - PlayStation Euphoria: On the Official European “Tales of” Twitter page, Namco Bandai have reveale... | PS3
40° Tales of Merchandise Monthly February-March 2013

508d ago - "Tales of Merchanidse Monthly is's monthly column th... | PS3

Tales of Hearts R DLC Costumes Video

509d ago - "Tales of Hearts R is released today. Here's a new video featuring the upc... | PS Vita

Various RPG Scans March 7: Tales, Souls, and Phantasy

510d ago - "Enjoy shots of Tales of Hearts-R, Shining Ark, Soul Sacrifice, Dragon Quest VII, Phantasy Star O... | PSP

Tales of Hearts R screenshots/art show DLC costumes

510d ago - GE: "Namco Bandai is preparing a bunch of Tales of Hearts R costumes for release over the next tw... | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R Costume DLC dated

511d ago - Tales of Hearts R costume DLC has been dated for release. The first wave will be released on Marc... | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R - New Scans of Tales Cameo, Swimsuit, Idol, School and Maid and Butler Costumes

511d ago - "New scans for the upcoming DLC costumes for Tales of Hearts R are now out." | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R: New Gameplay, DLC Costumes Will Reflect in Cut-ins

517d ago - "This week's Tales of Hearts R update comes from their recent episode duri... | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R scan

517d ago - Take a look at a new scan showing off Tales of Hearts R. | PS Vita

Tales Of Hearts R Costumes Can Change Cut-In Graphics Too

517d ago - Namco Bandai plans on selling a bunch of costumes as downloadable content for Tales of Hearts R. | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R Reviews From Famitsu and Dengeki PlayStation

517d ago - "Two reviews for Tales of Hearts R are now out: from Famitsu and from Deng... | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R: Sony Cat, Tales of Graces F Cameos and Galando's Mystic Artes Videos

523d ago - "This week's Tales of Hearts R update includes videos of the Hubert Oswell... | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R First Commercial Features New Animated Cutscenes

528d ago - "The first commercial for Tales of Hearts R has been released, featuring a... | PS Vita

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Tales of Hearts R: The Ones Who Hold The Key Video

531d ago - "This week's Tales of Hearts R update introduces a bunch of new key charac... | PS Vita

Tales of Hearts R screenshots

531d ago - Namco Bandai released new screenshots from Tales of Hearts R. | PS Vita

Top 10 New Games We Would Like To See Localized

534d ago - GXC: "Two years ago, we published an article about games that we would like to have localized. Si... | Nintendo DS

Tales Of Hearts R Accessory Lets You Input Attacks With Street Fighter Commands

536d ago - The Tales series uses a battle system that draws inspiration from fighting games. In Tales of Hea... | PS Vita

Localizations, Please - New Year, New Begging Edition

536d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes, "A huge slew of games that went without much news regarding if they... | Wii U

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