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Games you may have overlooked last generation

696d ago - Lead Example write "I haven’t quite grasped the concept that the next generation is now the curre... | PC

Gaming charity raises $7.6 million in 2013

696d ago - The results for 2013 are in: Child’s Play managed to raise $7.6 million for kids around the world... | Culture

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

Now - Kill some time at You will regret it... | Promoted post

Temple Run 2 available now on Windows Phone 8

701d ago - TechImperia - So For this holiday season, you now got an extra reason to joy as Imangi Studios ha... | Xbox

Microsoft add PC games Solitaire, Mahjong, Minesweeper to Windows Phone

702d ago - TechImperia - If you are a fan of Inbuilt Games of Windows OS, like Solitaire, Mahjong, Minesweep... | Mobile

10 Best Box Art Of Games in 2013

702d ago - Cover gives you the very first sight about the game, you can judge the game from its cover photo.... | Xbox 360

Final Fantasy III available on Windows Phone

703d ago - Windows Phone has just received a quiet Xbox game launch from Square Enix. | Mobile

Drift Mania: Street Outlaws out now on Windows Phone 8

705d ago - Become the drift king master in Drift Mania: Street Outlaws as you play through the single and mu... | Mobile

Toy Story: Smash it! available in Windows Phone Store

705d ago - After Windows 8 appearance, latest Toy Story game is available for Windows Phone. | Mobile

Five Angry Birds games updated, exciting new levels and chars for Windows Phone gamers

706d ago - Good news for Rovio fans. Company just updated Angry Birds: original, Seasons, Rio, Star Wars and... | Mobile

Games Only Podcast Episode 117 - Games of the Generation

713d ago - Seeing as this generation is coming to a close, we decided to make a retrospective of some of the... | Xbox 360

Opinion – Looking A Gift Horse In The Mouth

713d ago - While gamers have grown increasingly wary of being nickeled and dimed by microtransactions and se... | Xbox 360

"There's a lot of life left" in Gears of War, says Microsoft

733d ago - "'I'm a huge fan of the franchise,' Spencer said. 'I want to continue to work with Gears. I think... | Xbox One

Xbox One Smartphone Concept Emerges Online, Looks Amazing

737d ago - The concept smartphone also features an octa-core Snapdragon processor inside, 4GB of RAM, and 12... | Xbox One

Top Ten Games on the Xbox 360

739d ago - Josh Hinke from Explosion writes:"As was done for the PlayStation 4 launch, the Xbox One’s arriva... | Xbox 360

Amongst PS4/XBO Release, Nintendo 3DS Is Best Selling Hardware in US. GTA V Best Selling Game

746d ago - October 2013 will go down as one of the greatest and most profitable times to be a gamer. A Massi... | Xbox 360

Special Effect Make Gaming Easier For Everyone

755d ago - This is such a worthy cause please have a read and check out the great work that Special Effect d... | PS2

Spencer Talks Gears of War On Xbox One: "I Think It Ran Its Course On 360"

761d ago - GR: Microsoft's Phil Spencer recently discussed the future of the Gears of War franchise and whet... | Xbox One

A look back at the Xbox 360 - gamerspective

812d ago - This week we we will take a look at the other console that has been on the market the past 8 year... | Xbox 360

Titanfall vs. Destiny: Which is the future of FPS?

862d ago - E3 2013 was full of exciting new game announcements and more information about games we already k... | PC

Interact With LoveBox This Weekend

864d ago - This coming weekend, Xbox will be bringing the flamboyant mayhem of London’s hottest music festiv... | Xbox 360

Track Pokemon GO at

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30° | An in depth look at GTA 5

870d ago - Looking over the recent GTA V gameplay trailer and going in depth on what really is going on in t... | Xbox 360

5 Best Things That Could Happen At Gamescom

876d ago - Gamescom is the joint-second-best gaming event in the world at the moment, guys. With next genera... | PS4

Nintendo 3DS Outsold Microsoft Xbox 360 in U.S.

887d ago - GI: "Microsoft Xbox 360 was the number one selling console in the US market for 29 months straigh... | Xbox 360

Momma where's my gun gun !

890d ago - The parents of the victims took 25 games companies to court claiming that their children’s killer... | Xbox

Still Buying an Xbox One and Keeping My Xbox 360 For Good Measure - Game Insider

896d ago - I am buying and Xbox One. There I said it, go ahead, laugh. I don’t mind. I’m going to be enjoyin... | Xbox 360

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