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Editorial: Nintendo's Return

567d ago - A piece written by a longtime gamer about Nintendo's epic comeback with its newest console: the W... | Wii U

The Wii U Melt Down

576d ago - Nintendo Enthusiast writes: You would expect the gaming media to be providing us with some carefu... | Wii U

Top 10 Moments in Wii History

583d ago - No more speculation, no more rumors, later this week we find out the Wii U's launch date and pric... | Wii

A comparison of Nintendo console launch prices

591d ago - With all of the speculation about the launch price of Nintendo's new console, Wii U Only takes a... | GameCube

Dark Souls II Review

Now - Drew digs deep into Dark Souls II and delivers a first… | Promoted post

Top 10 Wii Games of All Time

599d ago - With the Wii riding off into the sunset as we speak. The writers at Rant Gaming have come togethe... | Wii

The Best Next-Gen Engine - Unreal Engine 4, Luminuos, CryEngine 3, Frostbite 2...

606d ago - These are the big guns, proudly championed by their creators and delivering to you the finest gam... | Next-Gen

Girl Gamers: We Do Exist

612d ago - Girl gamers are about half the gaming population, and they are growing fast. | PC

The Top 10 Wii Games

613d ago - Contrary to popular belief, the Wii does have a handful of good games. As the gaming industry gea... | Wii

The 8 Most Annoying Characters in Video Games

626d ago - GTMAM: For every awesome video game character there are seven annoying ones. (Ratio determined us... | Culture

Top Ten Nintendo Wii Games You May Not Have Heard Of

630d ago - SuperPhillip Central writes: "The Nintendo Wii has a wide range of games that went under the rada... | Wii

Cloud Gaming: The Pros and Cons

633d ago - MasonicGamer.com: You’ve probably already heard game developers telling you how great cloud gamin... | Xbox 360

Do better graphics define "next-gen"?

660d ago - Adam from Awesome Games writes: 'As the arrival of the next-generation of consoles draws ever clo... | PC

Nintendo’s Top Five Lackluster Announcements: What to Avoid for E3 2012

692d ago - Nintendo's made some questionable choices regarding their conference showcases - the Wii Music de... | GameCube

Gamer Loyalties: Can’t We Have Free Love?

693d ago - One More Level asks the question, "Can we ever get over console and franchise loyalties and be fr... | Tech

A Weekend With the Wii Part 2: Xenoblade is Xeno!

699d ago - While spending a weekend playing Wii to figure out if this console deserves all of its common cri... | Wii

A Weekend With the Wii Part 1: Actually Having Fun

701d ago - Criticizing the Nintendo Wii for all its flaws has become a common cliche. Still, spend a weekend... | Wii

Why Wii U’s Power Doesn’t Matter

742d ago - The reports that the Wii U isn’t as powerful as the XBox 360 and Playstation 3 are about as worri... | Wii

Why did Super Mario Galaxy 2 get so much praise?

747d ago - It’s no surprise that, not too long after one of the biggest Wii success stories, a sequel is rev... | Wii

The Evolution of Nintendo and the Wii U Attitude

765d ago - In the past, Nintendo has been notoriously stingy about helping third parties with...well, much o... | Wii

Skyward Sword: Ignoring the Motion Controls Elephant in the Room

783d ago - I’m going to put this on record: The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword is my least favorite Zelda ga... | Wii

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Report suggests the UK is a console nation

785d ago - Bit-Tech: Perhaps the biggest surprise was that the tide of console gamers is a cultural phenomen... | PC

Graphics Are a Crutch

787d ago - I feel that games tend to take a dive as graphics advance. Of course, there are many titles that... | PC

Why Nintendo Would Be Wise To Re-Brand The Wii U

810d ago - New Rising Media writes... "Genius or just plain laziness? When we think about Nintendo's late... | Wii

Defining a Generation: Part 1

813d ago - Decades in a Digital World writes: I can honestly say that when I finally bid farewell to this cu... | Culture

[Twinfinite] Running The Gauntlet: Being bad at games can be pretty rewarding

816d ago - Ever played a level in a game that seems almost impossible to beat, one that you finally conquer... | PC
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