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What MOBAs, MMOs, and fighting games all have in common

629d ago - Gamesradar: Now is not the time for development studios to venture into the MOBA market. Yes, Lea... | PC

[Slide2P] Demonrock: War of Ages Review: MOBA Game Experience on Mobile Platform

630d ago - As an action TD game, Demonrock: War of Ages has an impressive performance. It fuses the elements... | iPhone

Kickstarter project for 3d Cube 360-Chess

740d ago - Chess is a game that has been perfected by 1500 year old tradition. Will chess players even consi... | PC

NewsWatch Television to Feature Spheroku™, the Mobile Game where “Sudoku Meets the Rubik’s Cube”

769d ago - Next week, on October 21 & 24, Spheroku™, 3d Department’s new mobile game app for iOS and Android... | iPhone

Spheroku™ Mobile Game is Now Available for iOS devices

790d ago - Spheroku™ is a new game that really changes the way sudoku is played and perceived. It gives a ne... | iPhone

New board game based on American Civil War released on iOS

794d ago - Motion 9 Studios, a mobile game developer based in Los Angeles,California announces the release o... | iPhone

My God. Infinity Blade For iOS Is Free.

1014d ago - Super PolyPixel - If you’re not familiar with this game then shame on you. It is, by far, one of... | iPhone

The Magical Winx Card Game Available In App Store For iPhone

1019d ago - iPhonBuzz: Winx Card Game is available in app store: the new app is inspired by the underwater ad... | iPhone

Opinion: Gaming vs Family Life - Expansive

1019d ago - Being of advanced age with a wife, an 8 year old son, a full time job and all the associated comm... | PSP

5 Most Anticipated Games Of 2013 For iPhone

1038d ago - Iphonbuzz: The year 2012 has ended now. We have entered to a new year with new hopes and dreams.... | iPhone

Call of Duty ELITE: It’s not worth it

1308d ago - So we have all come to realize that Call of Duty has been stuck on replay for the past few years... | PC

Indie Tools: Sketch Nation Studio | IndieGames

1309d ago - Learn how to create iOS games on your iPhone or iPad for free. | iPhone

Is Activision Smarter Than We Think? A Closer Look at Call of Duty Elite

1315d ago - It might be hard to imagine that Activision saw this coming, but it feels pretty convenient that... | PC

Indie Tools: Stencyl | IndieGames.com

1323d ago - IndieGames presents one of the easiest to use and most important game creation tools for both Fla... | PC

Bearstronauts: Bear Astronauts indie game needs your help

1324d ago - Toronto Canada based indie developer Digial Bacon is launching an indiegogo crowdsource funding c... | PC

DigiPen: Bringing You the Future’s Game Mechanics

1346d ago - DigiPen, like Singapore-MIT Gambit Game Labs, is always an excellent place to look for creative a... | PC

Call of Duty Elite 2.0 GDC Overview

1348d ago - From the PlanetXbox360.com preview: "Call of Duty’s Elite service isn’t really one that caters... | PC

Call of Duty Elite Hitting Tablets

1349d ago - Activision is making a full tablet version of the Call of Duty Elite service, based on the popula... | Android

Call of Duty Elite gains momentum with over 670k clans and nearly 2m mobile downloads

1350d ago - Call of Duty Elite is an "evolving" platform, Activision executives said during a presentation la... | Xbox 360

Opinion: Does it Pay to be Elite?

1352d ago - IGN: It's four months since Call of Duty Elite launched in tandem with Modern Warfare 3, and thin... | PC

See what games are coming out in 2016

Now - Visit our release calendar to see what games are coming out in 2016. | Promoted post

Queer and Gender Equity Vital say Indie Devs

1354d ago - "In a lot of ways video games have been a ‘boys club,’ embracing the traditional hetero fantasies... | Culture

Microsoft Launch New Call of Duty Microsoft Points Retail Package

1366d ago - Microsoft Studios has today launch a brand new Microsoft Points retail package, available now and... | PC

COD Elite Clan Operations Detailed

1386d ago - Call of Duty Elite Clan Operations is a new feature set coming soon to Elite, but what exactly do... | PC

Call of Duty Elite: EA Hoping to Get 'One Step Ahead'

1386d ago - Call of Duty Elite, Activision's social service with a subscription element has been doing well f... | Industry

When does re-imagining and borrowing become theft? - Tiny Tower versus Dream Heights

1389d ago - "A GoozerNation discussion of just how much copying and pasting should be permissible between dif... | iPhone
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