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Is Xbox One a gamechanger for Microsoft in China?

23h ago - Shiv Putcha, Associate Research Director for Consumer Mobility at IDC Asia Pacific, is cautiously... | Xbox One

Next Generation Console Wars

1d 4h ago - After a successful launch in South Africa for the Xbox One, we take a look at the PlayStation 4 a... | PS4

Opinion: Who is Winning The Firmware War?

6d ago - Adam Cook: One thing we all like to do these days, is give the caveat “in my opinion”. However, o... | PS4

Aging Gamer: Installs and Updates

6d ago - Apixelatedview's "Aging Gamer" takes a look at the long process of updating and installs. | PS4


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PlayStation 4 Bundles That Could Really Sell

22d ago - Last week a group of Middle of Nowhere Gaming writers brought you an editorial detailing dream pa... | PS4

Until Dawn: A Psychotic Mix of The Cabin in the Woods, Saw, & Heavy Rain

23d ago - Junkie Monkeys: If there was one game that surprised me at PAX Prime, it was Until Dawn. Here is... | PS4

Five Games Microsoft Could Announce To Sell Xbox Ones In Japan

27d ago - MegaJon28 writes "It’s no secret, Microsoft has always struggled to sell consoles in Japan. Micro... | Xbox One

Four reasons why your next gadget should be a game console.

28d ago - No longer mere self-contained boxes, consoles can easily be synced to be part of a larger multime... | PS4

The Best Games Still To Come In 2014

28d ago - We are nearly at that time again people. The last few months of 2014 and the first anniversary of... | PS4

Why GTA 5 Next Gen Makes So Much Sense for Rockstar?

28d ago - Grand Theft Auto 5 is not only one of the best selling game of 2014 but is one of the best sellin... | PS4

Will There Ever Be a “NETFLIX” For Games

29d ago - From Gamers@Play. Gone are the days where we spend the whole week deciding what to rent on the we... | Xbox

Where Is The Cheapest Xbox One Pre-Order Price In SA?

32d ago - Which retailer is offering the most tempting Xbox One option? MenStuff looks at the various price... | Xbox One

Four Reasons to Buy the Sunset Overdrive Xbox One Bundle

36d ago - "Later this year I’ll finally be picking up an Xbox One for myself. I looked over all the new bun... | Xbox

How The Xbox One Helped Sell The PS4

39d ago - Erik Kain wrote about how the essential boringness of the PS4 has helped it with the hearts of ga... | PS4

Lack of 3rd party support on Wii U – It’s just one excuse after another

40d ago - As Serious Sammy is sure you are all aware, third party support started off not too strongly on t... | Wii U

N64 Wii U Virtual Console Top 5 Wish List

72d ago - Who’s ready to finally play some Star Fox 64, Super Mario 64, Super Smash Bros, and more classic... | Wii U

Looking deeper at the consoles post launch: The Xbox One Controller

79d ago - A review of the Xbox One controller and a comparison to the Xbox 360 controller. | Xbox 360

The Wii U Can't Be Saved, But it's Good For Gamers

83d ago - First it was it was Pikmin 3, then it was Super Mario 3D World, now it’s Mario Kart 8 and soon it... | Wii U

Xbox One OS Preview

86d ago - "Xbox One has had a few controversial changes before it launched. Many changes according their po... | Xbox One

Diversity in the Gaming Industry – A Roundup

104d ago - We take a look back at the recent events that have contributed to the conversation about diversit... | Industry

PS4 Game Release Dates

Now - For the most up-to-date release date info for PS4 games check VGReleases.com | Promoted post

How Nintendo used Luigi's Death Stare without ruining fans’ fun

109d ago - The Japanese publisher is learning how to balance a meme with restraint. | Culture

Have A Superb Gaming Experience with Nintendo 3DS

118d ago - Nintendo 3DS has set its breakthrough that involves excitements of millions of game fanatics. Thi... | 3DS

Why Microsoft's Xbox One May Soon Catch Sony's Playstation 4

119d ago - Since the start of the next-gen war in late 2013, Sony's Playstation 4 has continuously outperfor... | PS4

Do U Wii U? Five Reasons Why U Should Own a Nintendo Wii U

129d ago - We’ve heard it all before regarding Nintendo’s current gen system -- how it’s ‘not as powerful as... | Wii U

Xbox One Is Now Just A Good Ol' Gaming Console

133d ago - After the big "Kinect-Free" SKU announcement by Microsoft, the Xbox One can be viewed as a differ... | Xbox One
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