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Review: Swords & Soldiers: Super Saucy Sausage Fest - RobotGeek

675d ago - Tom Towers writes: "It’s three years (one and a half on PC) since Swords & Soldiers was released,... | PC

Swords and Soldiers HD Review | VGNetwork.it

985d ago - Swords & Soldiers HD is a side-scrolling strategy game that lets you control an entire army and l... | PC

Original Gamer Review - Swords and Soldiers

1008d ago - Original Gamer: "Originally released on the Wii back in 2009, Swords and Soldiers has done the r... | iPhone

Final Level: Swords & Soldiers Review

1011d ago - The Real Time Strategy game genre has seen it’s good and bad points through the years; from the r... | iPhone

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

Technoid review: Swords & Soldiers HD

1076d ago - Technoid writes: Swords & Soldiers is a simple but strong RTS title. The game offers a reasonable... | PC

Movemodo review: Swords & Soldiers (PlayStation Move / PSN)

1234d ago - Quoting Movemodo's Nathan Michalik: "Swords & Soldiers is also an extremely humorous game, and... | PS3

GK | Swords & Soldiers Review | 8.5

1274d ago - Ashley Martin of GameKudos reviews SOE's latest PSN offering: "Despite its simple name and cut... | PS3

PSNStores Review: Swords and Soldiers

1277d ago - Chris writes, "RTS games and home consoles seem to never get along together. Most of the time the... | PS3

Gaming Age: Swords & Soldiers Review (PSN)

1278d ago - GA: "Maybe it's just me, but the idea of making a digitally distributed-only real-time strategy g... | PS3

GameFocus Review: Swords & Soldiers (PSN)

1289d ago - David writes, "Oddly enough, one of my favorite games to launch on WiiWare doesn’t come from a bi... | PS3

Destructoid: Swords and Soldiers PSN Review

1290d ago - With all the extra options available, this is a great title for RTS fans, and castle defense fans... | PS3

1UP: Swords & Soldiers Review

1291d ago - 1UP writes: "The real-time strategy genre, as a complex PC mainstay, has seen its share of diffic... | PS3

GameSpot: Swords & Soldiers PSN Review

1291d ago - Swords & Soldiers could have done with more factions, but for its asking price of $9.99, its chal... | PS3

IGN: Swords & Soldiers PSN Review

1292d ago - Strategy fans will find their fix here -- just don't expect as deep an experience as a traditiona... | PS3

VGC Review: Swords & Soldiers

1294d ago - VGC writes: "Almost a year and a half ago, I reviewed Swords & Soldiers, which was, at the time,... | PS3

TQcast: Swords and Soldiers (PSN) Review in 3D. No 3D TV Needed

1296d ago - **3D GLASSES REQUIRED TO VIEW IMAGES IN 3D Swords and Soldiers is a real time strategy game that... | PS3

NWR: Swords & Soldiers Review

1710d ago - With the creation of the de Blob prototype and now Swords & Soldiers, Ronimo Games is definit... | 3

Gaming Evolution Reviews Swords & Soldiers

1723d ago - Swords and Soldiers; that is all you need for battle, weapons to use and people to use them as yo... | 3

TGR: Swords & Soliders Video Game Review

1727d ago - Swords & Soldiers mixes elements of real-time strategy and tower defense, and while the game... | 3

Rejected Gamer: Swords & Soldiers Review

1735d ago - Swords & Soldiers is a fun, addicting, and sometimes frustrating side scrolling RTS game. Peo... | 3

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Frictionless Insight: Swords & Soldiers Review

1736d ago - Swords & Soldiers isn't completely unique as a linear real-time strategy game, but it's a lig... | 3

Zentendo: Swords and Soldiers Review

1738d ago - Zentendo writes: "Ronimo Games can now say they have had two hits on the Wii, but it says a... | 3

SG: Swords and Soldiers Review

1739d ago - Snackbar Games writes: "If you like real-time games, get this. If you're like me and don't l... | 3

Thunderbolt: Swords & Soldiers Review

1739d ago - Thunderbolt writes: "What would you be willing to wage war over? What is sacred enough that... | 3

BM: Swords & Soldiers review

1751d ago - Swords & Soldiers is almost too good to be a WiiWare game, showing a great level of charm and... | 3
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