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148apps: Swarm! Review

1102d ago - 148apps: Roll into action and save the city in this ambitious, ball-based adventure. | iPad


1109d ago - STP: You have to give SWARM! credit for being daring. This game dares to be unoriginal in this ne... | iPad

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'Swarm' Coming Soon To A Tablet Near You

1153d ago - "It wouldn’t come as a particular surprise to learn you’ve never heard of E4 Software before. Hav... | Mobile

Achievers Anonymous: Swarm

1434d ago - TQ author writes: Today we are going to take a look at how to get two achievements for the game S... | Xbox 360

Hooked Gamers Review: Swarm - Sense of humor required

1683d ago - Swarm is more of a puzzle game rather than the platformer it claims to be. Swarm’s greatest stre... | Xbox 360

PlayDevil: Swarm Review

1721d ago - PlayDevil has posted a review of the XBLA puzzle game from developer Hothead Games, "Swarm". H... | Xbox 360

GK | Swarm Review

1725d ago - It’s disappointing when a game founded on a great concept fails to deliver. Unfortunately, Swarm,... | Wii

Review of Swarm | Geared for Gamers

1730d ago - How often do you get to play a game where you actually get to purposely mutilate and kill the cha... | PS3

Original Gamer - Swarm Review

1747d ago - Original Gamer - Hothead Games and Ignition Entertainment bring Swarm, an oddball tale of surviva... | Xbox 360

Swarm Review - Midlife Gamer

1752d ago - Greg Giddens says: "Hothead’s latest downloadable title Swarm touches on the same allure and addi... | Xbox 360

Irrational Passions: Swarm Review

1759d ago - Alex of takes apart the latest game out of Hothead Games: Swarm. Is this a... | Xbox 360

TheGamingExperience: Swarm Review

1760d ago - TheGamingExperience: "I have spent countless hours looking through the Xbox Live Arcade to find t... | Arcade

Thunderbolt: Swarm Review

1760d ago - Thunderbolt: Big Momma needs a brand new hat and she ain’t got no limbs. The time has come for yo... | Xbox 360

PALGN: Swarm Review

1761d ago - PALGN writes: "Upon first glance Swarm looks to be a platformer in the same vein as those loveabl... | PC

Everybody Plays: Swarm Review

1762d ago - Everybody Plays: "Hey, have you seen Swarm? It's this game about these cute blue blobs. Could be... | Xbox 360

Empire Online: Swarm Review

1762d ago - Empire Online: Much like Nintendo’s cutesy Pikmin or the puzzle classic Lemmings as imagined by a... | Xbox 360

Marooners' Rock Review: Swarm (XBLA)

1764d ago - Chris writes: "When I first heard of Swarm, I figured it would simply be a twist on classic Lemmi... | Xbox 360

El33tonline Review: Swarm

1764d ago - El33tonline writes: "In this day and age you may often feel nothing more than a number. You bl... | Xbox 360

Swarm Quick Play HD []

1765d ago - Dan and Bob from check out Swarm by Hothead Games for the PS3 and 360. In it, you c... | Xbox 360

Swarm (UK) Review | JPS

1765d ago - Swarm is the brand-new and unique action platform from Hothead Games. Players will take control o... | Xbox 360

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Swarm Walkthrough (GameFront)

1766d ago - You can huddle them together to receive a boost to strength or speed, stack them on top of each o... | Culture

Swarm (PSN) Review - Alternative Magazine Online

1767d ago - Therein lies the problem with Swarm: fairness. The controls should be tight to accommodate the hi... | PS3

Swarm Review - SplitScreen

1768d ago - It's not my fault entirely I was at first disappointed with Swarm; Hothead Games broke one of the... | Xbox 360
70° : Swarm Review

1768d ago - Irish gaming site writes "Swarm is the latest addition to Xbox LIVE Arcade and P... | Xbox 360

Console Monster - Swarm Review

1768d ago - Console Monster - Overall Swarm is a game that is highly addictive yet contains a certain frustra... | Xbox 360
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