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'Under The Rain' launches Indiegogo - Puts 'Survival' back in survival horror.

37d ago - Telmo Pereira's indie survival horror game Under the Rain promises a Lovecraftian grounded story,... | PC

Will Dead Space Ever Have Its Catalyst?

115d ago - "I wouldn’t be surprised to learn some kind of project has been in progress all this time, and wo... | PC

See What TV Series Premiers this Month

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Have Horror Games Lost Their Touch?

116d ago - Horror games seems to be lacking that umph! that it use to have back when I was a child. I rememb... | PS4

Thanks For The Memories: Resident Evil 2

173d ago - "Welcome to the first article in the new series, exclusive to Gaming Rebellion – THANKS FOR THE M... | Retro

Once Bitten, Twice Dead Will be coming to PC and Wii U

269d ago - On March 5th Dark Day Interactive announced that Once Bitten, Twice Dead will be coming to PC and... | PC

A Song of Horror by Protocol Games - Interview & Details

270d ago - Indie Developer Protocol Games talk to My Games Lounge about their upcoming release Song of Horro... | PC

Top 5 Next Gen Survival Horror Games

453d ago - Apixelatedview takes a look at 5 big named upcoming survival horror games for the Xbox One and th... | PS4

I've discovered a new favourite video game genre in Outlast

512d ago - Adam at HITC Tech experiences the horror game Outlast for the first time, and he finally finds wh... | PC

Getting started in 7 Days to Die [alpha 7.5] Powerleveled

622d ago - Hey everyone Stevefantisy here, I am going to try to run series of videos here for you all to enj... | PC

You won't be able to survive The Forest

679d ago - MWEB GameZone brings you information on The Forest, an ambitious open-world survival horror game... | Industry

Gone Home Melds Engaging Story And Rewarding Gameplay, With A Subtle Amount Of Horror

680d ago - What does 'going home' mean to you? Comfort? Safety? Well, if you've yet to play the critically a... | PC

The Consuming Shadow Preview: Yahtzee's survival-horror game can only get better | CG Magazine

729d ago - With a passion for games that offer powerful storytelling experiences and exploration, popular ga... | PC

[Review] Outlast – an emotionally taxing, stunning good time.

804d ago - Outlast might just be one of the most anticipated survival horror games of this year. I know that... | PC

Old School Survival Horror Darkwood Launches Indiegogo Campaign

936d ago - From "Darkwood looks like an indie game which may find a perfect balance between h... | PC

Grave Prosperity Review (PC) | VGU.TV

1023d ago - LDC Studios' free-to-download Grave Prosperity has a spirit hearkens back to the tense, fixed-cam... | PC

The Evolution Of The Horror Genre

1023d ago - When you think of survival horror titles, what are the first games that come to mind? Resident Ev... | Culture

ASYLUM: From the designer of Scratches

1024d ago - Proving the Horror Adventure Genre is still "undead" and well, Senscape, the creators of "Scratch... | PC

Revisiting The Path: The Value of Interactive Narrative

1027d ago - A close look at Tale of Tale's The Path with respect to its inclusion in the Indie Royale bundle... | PC

Review: Haunt - The Real Slender Game | Game Muse

1107d ago - Haunt: The Real Slender Game, is as you can see in the title, another game based of the Slender m... | PC

The Intruder Interview

1119d ago - Game Muse recently conducted an interview with Roy Theunissan, the developer for the new survival... | PC

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Ten Games To Terrify You

1135d ago - Mike Siciliano from OWNT shares his top 10 horror games just in time for Halloween. | GameCube

Real Horrorshow: Haunting Ground | Meodia

1141d ago - Horror is a genre that across entertainment mediums focuses on one thing: making an audience feel... | PS2

Obscure 3 in the works

1189d ago - Hydravision's working on a third Obscure game. A teaser website has come online and Hydravision p... | PC

The Most Awesome Horror Game You’re Probably Not Playing

1204d ago - Sweet Home is the inspiration behind the Resident Evil brand. Sweet Home gave birth to the surviv... | Retro
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