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Top Tuesday - The 10 worst video games ever.

273d ago - MWEB GameZone writes: "The things that you love the most, are also the things that can hurt you... | Culture

Five Terrible Atari 2600 Games Based on Movies That Aren’t E.T.

390d ago - Exploring some less than cherished Atari memories via some lesser-known bad movie tie-ins. | Retro

Filmwatch Contest Details

Now - Check out here how you can win awesome prizes with us over at Filmwatch. | Promoted post

Making a Next-Gen Superman Game: 20 Game Developers Tell Us How

475d ago - GamerFitNation presents the Superman Game Project, in which 20 video game developers answer the q... | PS4

10 Best iOS Super Hero Games

502d ago - What could be more fun than finding a list of the 10 Best iOS Super Hero Games? Not much if you’r... | iPhone

Why can’t Superman find any video game luck?

652d ago - "With Man of Steel set to hit theaters this weekend and Superman Unchained #1 coming out on Wedne... | Culture

Is a Good Superman Game Possible?

849d ago - GI - With the impending release of the next Superman movie, Man of Steel next year, there will in... | Culture

Reasons Why Superman Doesn’t Deserve His Own Game | Total Revue

953d ago - Superman is the OG superhero, the godfather of comics and daddy of DC. After Rocksteady’s incredi... | PC

What Franchises Should Rocksteady Tackle?

983d ago - "Rocksteady has really made a name for itself since its founding in 2004. Though the studio has o... | GameCube

Top 5 Mobile Games

1160d ago - We all know that gaming can be an expensive hobby, and as new releases now cost upward of $60 or... | iPhone

Let’s Figure Out How to Make the Perfect Superman Video Game

1168d ago - Kotaku - How do you even make a Superman game? The last Superman game I enjoyed was The Death... | Culture

TheAppera: Superman Review

1176d ago - TheAppera: Chillingo has released a slew of great games and they’re known to publish only the ver... | iPhone

Canceled Superman Game Had Darkseid, Kalibak, And Lex Luther In It

1179d ago - The Man of Steel was supposed to be in a video game code named Blue Steel. Factor 5 was developin... | Dev

TMA: Superman Review

1181d ago - TMA: Superman, while not the first superhero ever, is arguably the most well-known and iconic one. | iPhone

Review: Superman (This Is My Joystick)

1200d ago - There is a plot on offer here, but as it matters so little to the actual progression of gameplay... | iPhone

Touch Arcade: Superman Review

1214d ago - Touch Arcade: Today I saved the citizens of Metropolis from a missile launched from an unknown lo... | iPhone

AppAdvice: Superman Review

1215d ago - AppAdvice: Superman ($0.99) by Chillingo Ltd combines the Man of Steel with a tower defense game.... | iPhone

STP: Superman Review

1216d ago - STP: A great deal of people have a passion for Superman. He’s the American superhero, an orphan f... | iPhone

Superman vs Game Developers Are Dev's Afraid to take on The Man of Steel?

1220d ago - GamerFitNation's BlackBible write's about Developer's having trouble creating a good Superman gam... | Culture

Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone - 25h November 2011

1221d ago - The Quality Index runs through the Top 10 UK paid-for apps & games chart, highlighting the bigges... | iPhone

Mobile Monday - Brain Trainer, Superman, SteamBirds Survival, Ray Marching (

1226d ago - Einstein Brain Trainer, Superman, SteamBirds Survival HD and Ray Marching, all reviewed in this w... | iPhone

Find out when Uncharted 4 releases on PS4

Now - Start tracking Uncharted 4 at to get important updates about this game release. | Promoted post

Top 10 UK Paid Apps on iPhone - 18th November 2011

1227d ago - The Quality Index runs through the Top 10 UK paid-for apps & games chart, highlighting the bigges... | iPhone

Official Superman Videogame Hits iOS

1229d ago - Chillingo has launched the first official Superman videogame on the App Store, simply known as Su... | iPhone

Superman Review (Modojo)

1230d ago - Chris Buffa (Modojo): Superman has quite a dark history when it comes to video games, from Titus... | iPhone

Warner Launching Hobbit, Batman Games In 2012, Superman Too?

1260d ago - NowGamer: Warner Interactive talks 2012 license line-up | PC

Batman: Arkham City Dev: 'Superman Not Suited To Games'

1267d ago - NowGamer: Rocksteady on lack of good Superman games. | PS2
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