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Playstation3Gamer - Supercar Challenge Review

1783d ago - When System 3 and Eutechnyx released Ferrari Challenge last year, it was met with some pretty mix... | 1
10° Review: SuperCar Challenge

1848d ago - Looking back to the trailer shown at E3 I smile. The footage, shot with certain exp... | 1

PlayDevil: SuperCar Challenge PS3 Review - Is this sequel still a challenger?

1864d ago - PlayDevil has posted an in-depth review of System 3 PS3 race game "SuperCar Challenge".... | 1

GameSpot: SuperCar Challenge Review

1878d ago - The snappy vehicle handling, solid game physics, and eye-catching cars are sure to impress you, b... | 1

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InsideGamer: SuperCar Challenge Review

1893d ago - IG writes: "The racing genre is currently flooded with various (top) titles. The more diffic... | 1
10° Review: SuperCar Challenge, Most Realistic Console Sim

1896d ago - SuperCar Challenge is a game for fans of the simulation genre and should not be missed, although... | 1

Gamez: SuperCar Challenge Review

1896d ago - Gamez writes: "The range of simracers on the PlayStation 3 is not exactly great to mention.... | 1
10° Review: Supercar Challenge

1897d ago - With the Ferrari Challenge, we had a competent, and not very varied, racing game exclusively for... | 1

XGN: SuperCar Challenge Review

1900d ago - XGN writes: "Does it have to be smart developer Eutechnyx Supercar Challenge at this time of... | 1

Games2C: SuperCar Challenge Review

1902d ago - With a fleet of supercars that all handle differently combined with over a season's worth of trac... | 1

PS3 exclusive SuperCar Challenge Review

1905d ago - SuperCar Challenge feels considerably different from it's prequel. With good graphics and sound i... | 1

Wonderwallweb Review: Supercar Challenge

1909d ago - Wonderwallweb Writes: Overall and despite its flaws Supercar Challenge excels where it count... | 1

PSFocus: Supercar Challenge Review

1910d ago - PSFocus writes: "It was a busy year in terms of racing games, DiRT 2 as previously published... | 1

Gamer: Supercar Challenge Review

1910d ago - Gamer writes: "The racing genre is overloaded with new titles this fall. Big names such as F... | 1

PS3clan Supercar Challenge Review

1911d ago - writes: System 3 came in 2008 with a racing game that was completely dominated by Ferr... | 1

Eurogamer: SuperCar Challenge Review

1913d ago - Ferrari Challenge was a decent enough game that failed to capitalise on a potentially great simul... | 1
20° Supercar Challenge Review

1919d ago - VVV Gamer get their hands on Systems 3's Supercar Challenge and give their review on a racer that... | 1

CVG: Supercar Challenge Review

1922d ago - CVG writes: "There are things we like about Supercar Challenge. In the face of razzle dazzle... | 1

Take the Beta Trial of Supercar Challenge PS3 out for a spin right now

1924d ago - GamingAge: Want to get in on the online beta version of one of the PS3's best upcoming sim racing... | 1

PS3Hype SuperCar Challenge Review: Most realistic race game (PS3)

1925d ago - PS3Hype writes: 'SuperCar Challenge has been released on the 4th of September. It is an PS3 Exclu... | 1

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System 3 hails revitalised racing genre

1926d ago - Supercar Challenge, F1, DiRT 2, Blur and Gran Turismo will help re-ignite the racing genre, says... | 1,13

Tiff Needell Lends Voice Talent To SuperCar Challenge

1928d ago - Racing-expert Tiff Needell will be lending his voice talents and racing knowledge to System 3 for... | 1

IGN: Supercar Challenge AU Review

1929d ago - Given the ruthlessness of the driving experience, it's fair to say that this is humbling territor... | 1

Supercar Challenge Beta Codes

1932d ago - System3 is offering a limited beta of Supercar Challenge for Playstation 3. Fill out and submit t... | 1

NowGamer: SuperCar Challenge Review

1932d ago - Credit is clawed back somewhat by a single-player career structure that rewards experimentation a... | 1

SuperCar Challenge

Average Score 7.4 Reviews(23)
Release Dates
PS3 Release Dates
AU 03 September 2009
EU 04 September 2009
US Q1 2011