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Expansions: When is it an actual expansion, and when is it just hyped DLC?

1099d ago ... With the news of Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 being announced, and it being consider a "re-release" of MvC3 (or basically a release of the FINISHED MvC3), a lot of news about how Capcom and other devs like to leave out content for future release has been popping up. Many gamers are continuing to show disdain and anger, and rightly so, to companies like Capcom for pulling stunts like this, and...

Nintendo = Best exclusives ever!

1220d ago ... The king of consoles returns. The world is about to get a taste of Nintendo's latest offering and gamers the world over are waiting. Waiting to pick up the games that made their childhood. Waiting to see that great 3D effect in the palm of your hand. Waiting just to get their hands on that monster Nintendo call the 3DS! Nintendo has not only won back their hardcore audience, they have receiv...

Nintendo 3DS Hands On Impressions

1234d ago ... If you follow my Twitter I mentioned I tried out the 3DS at GAME and I'm going to tell you what I think and what I learned from the Nintendo reps who were there. Let me tell you the about the stuff I found out before I tell you about the experience I had with the device. Well I grilled the Nintendo Reps about everything I thought was important and here's what I learned. -The 3D can effect t...
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