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PSN Appreciation Program - What should you get?

1055d ago ... With the recent news of the PlayStation Store going live this week I thought I'd help out my fellow man by giving out some advice on what to get. I have played/own most of these titles so I thought I could give my two cents for what they're worth. These are listed in the order of what I believe to be the best choices. 1. inFAMOUS: This is by far the best game they are offering. Superher...

Top 10 Original PSN Game Soundtrack Albums

1444d ago ... The title says it all, "Top 10 Original PSN Game Soundtrack Albums". It's time to look at and listen to some of the greatests music tracks that are available right now, through our beloved PSN games and soundtrack albums! Some of the soundtracks are available as soundtrack albums on the PS Store for a few bucks or even for free, go listen for yourself or visit YouTube! The creds goes t...

Super Stardust HD 3.0 and DLC available now on the new Playstation Store

2196d ago ... Super Stardust HD content update to 3.0 and DLC out now.
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