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An Ode To Instructions: Why I'll Miss Video Game Manuals

491d ago - The coming of a new generation of always-on, super-connected consoles surely spells doom for the... | Culture

Platform Nostalgia: Super Metroid

502d ago - Platform Nation - Super Metroid is beyond reproach. Or at least that’s what people have come to b... | Retro

Super Nintendo Collector Beginner’s Guide

518d ago - Christopher Buffa (Modojo): Nintendo delivered on its promise to fill the Wii’s Virtual Console w... | Retro

Rumour: Metroid Blasting Onto The Wii U Virtual Console Next Week

532d ago - Nintendo Life: ''Super Metroid was made available to Wii U owners for a measly 30c/30p earlier in... | Wii U

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Metroidvania Marathon: Or How I Learnt To Stop Worrying And Make Metroid Crawl

533d ago - Metroidvania – Loosely defined, “Metroidvania” is supposed to be a 2D video game style in which t... | Culture

Episode 22: Baby Bones

538d ago - Starring: Jordan Haygood, Marshall Henderson, barrel, and Khorne There are times when I questi... | PC

Night Force Action Report #101 – Punch to the Gut

547d ago - Horrible Night: "Remain calm. Night Force is here. Its first Action Report contains, among other... | PC

Desperately Seeking Samus

554d ago - Tim Bowers places a lonely hearts advert for a special lady. | Wii

The Downpour Podcast Episode 19 – Interview with Precursor Games

565d ago - oprainfall writes: "This week: Jonathan, Jared and Randy learned what would happen if they swi... | PC

Super Metroid Retro Review I Play Legit

566d ago - KJ of Play Legit Writes "The modern tech makes the game more legit. It doesn’t look bad at all on... | Wii

The SideQuest Episode 508: X Gon' Give It To Ya

566d ago - In this episode: T-minus too soon until E3, so we chat up some games, some big news that broke, a... | PS4

Nintendo Life: Super Metroid Review

567d ago - Nintendo Life: It’s undeniable that 1994 was an extremely memorable year of videogame releases. S... | Retro

Super Metroid (SNES, Wii U VC) Retro Review | SuperPhillip Central

568d ago - "Almost twenty years ago, Super Metroid released on the Super Nintendo, and it was greeted with g... | Wii U

Super Metroid (Wii U eShop/SNES) Review | Nintendo Feed

568d ago - "If you choose not to snap this one up, then you truly can't be forgiven. It's very rarely that w... | Wii U

Cosplay Wednesday – Metroid’s Samus Aran

569d ago - Cosplayer Neko_Tin channels Zero Suit Samus in this spot-on Metroid outfit! | Culture

Super NVC: Playing Super Metroid

570d ago - IGN - The NVC crew joins together to play and discuss one of the greatest games of all time. | Retro

Sound in Action Episode 1: Attract Mode

572d ago - PixlBit | "Welcome to another excellent podcast from PixlBit! I guess once you've been bitten by... | Retro

Let’s Talk Tutorials

575d ago - Super Metroid recently debuted on the Wii U’s virtual console at the low, low price of 30 cents.... | Industry

Super Metroid Review Mini - NintendoWorldReport

576d ago - "Samus' most influential game rolls onto Wii U. What can I say about this game without degener... | Wii U

RadarPlays - Super Metroid

578d ago - GamesRadar - Lately, Nintendo is getting some grief from gamers for how it’s handling the Wii U p... | Retro

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Super Metroid Review Rewind - PixlBit

578d ago - PixlBit | "More stunning confessions from me to you! I didn’t get into the Metroid series until M... | Wii U

Is Metroid Too Difficult for Modern Gamers?

580d ago - "y cant metroid crawl?" - A Miiverse post from a bedraggled Wii U owner after playing the initial... | Wii U

Today’s Gamers Are Having A Little Trouble With Super Mario World, Too

580d ago - By Stephen Totilo It was recently established that the 2013 gamer is perplexed by some parts o... | Wii U

Weekly Digital Roundup: “y cant metroid crawl?”

581d ago - "If this Weekly Digital Roundup will teach you anything, it’s that some people suck at Super Metr... | PS2

Super Metroid Wii U Virtual Console Gameplay

582d ago - Super Metroid is now available on the Wii U eShop for 30 cents. | Wii U

Super Metroid

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