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Retro Gaming: Cost/Value.... Piracy?!

543d ago ... When I look back on my gaming hobby, I remember not being able to pay for games as I was too young to work. My parents forked over a lot of money for game rentals and occasional purchase. The other avenue I was able to play games was at my grandparents house. My uncles who are only 11, and 9 years older than myself, always had the new gaming system. I must have been 3 or a little younger when I...

What's with the broken games? (Petition)

1297d ago ... I've been enjoying gaming for a very long time, since 1996 to be exact, that's the year I first played my Super Nintendo Entertainment System and the first game I played on it? Super Metroid, god how I still love that game, and even though I've came through many glitches on the games I've played, I still enjoyed them, but then we have the game-breakers, read on to understand my prospective....

How I'd Make The Second "Other M" Better Than The First Already Is

1708d ago ... Okay, confession time (and there are spoilers here, so those who haven’t played the game that doesn’t want to know what happens, leave now). I thoroughly enjoyed Metroid: Other M. Even though it’s not going to win Game Of The Year (that could be GT5 when it finally comes out), the most controversial Metroid game in recent memory was one I couldn’t put down in the wee hours of the night. The...
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