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Super Meat Boy

- Xbox 360

I am a nerd. Although I didn't realize how big of a nerd I am until playing Super meat boy. I never owned any cartridge consoles such as the snes or megadrive, however when playing this game I somehow feel nostalgia for those old 8 bit and 16 bit times I never even lived in. I began researching videos walkthroughs of well over 100 old games, i've even bought an n64 recently out of my new love...



Super Meat Boy

- PC

Super Meat Boy is what some would call “today’s” Mario. This platformer is one of the best and priceless games I have played in a while. It really takes it to the next level and tests how good you are at platformers. You have to be quick and pay attention to all your surroundings around you. If you mess up at the last second then you have to restart the level it’s cruel but makes you feel satis...

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Super Meat Boy

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