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Meat on the Move: Team Meat Discusses App Store Shortcomings

1210d ago - As we found out on the scepticism-riddled date of April 1st, Super Meat Boy: The Game, a handheld... | iPhone

Enter “The Unknown” in the new Super Meat Boy Update

1551d ago - "After nearly a month of the release of the long awaited Super Meat Boy level editor, available e... | PC

Check What Xbox One Games are Coming Out in August

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Nintendo Life: Super Meat Boy First Impressions

1779d ago - For anyone that's followed the independent gaming scene over the years, you know all too well how... | Wii

Joystiq: Super Meat Boy Preview - Super Masochistic

1797d ago - Each level in Super Meat Boy is a smallish, enclosed space in which the title character must run,... | PC

Super Meat Boy Hands-On Preview at CheatCC

1811d ago - CheatCC says, "It may grind you up and spit out the pieces, but Super Meat Boy has the potential... | Xbox 360

G4: The PAX 10: Super Meat Boy

1815d ago - The ultra-hard platformer Super Meat Boy is, fittingly enough, a follow up to a Flash game called... | PC

Joystiq Preview: Super Meat Boy

1897d ago - Joystiq writes: "Super Meat Boy could become our newest addiction. Microsoft and developer Team... | PC

Preview: Super Meat Boy (The Kartel)

1936d ago - A sign of things to come for flash games, the upcoming Super Meat Boy is one of the strangest gam... | PC

OXM UK: Super Meat Boy Preview

1937d ago - OXM UK writes: "There's a lot of hope when it comes to smaller or download size games made by sma... | Xbox 360

RunDLC: Super Meat Boy Preview

2006d ago - RunDLC writes: "Move over, Sonic and Mario, and make room for Super Meat Boy. This challeng... | 2

Bitmob: Super Meat Boy Preview

2036d ago - If a game has simple enough controls, then no matter how excrutiatingly difficult it is, you'll k... | 3

Nintendo Life: Super Meat Boy Impressions - Pt 2

2048d ago - While Nintendo Life did cover quite at bit of the game's basic mechanics in the last preview, the... | 3

Gaming Dead: Super Meat Boy Preview

2082d ago - GD: "Some of you might have played a flash game on Newgrounds called Meat Boy. For those who... | 3,12

Destructoid: Super Meat Boy Preview

2089d ago - Team Meat has been working for over a year now, long before New Super Mario Bros. Wii blew the do... | 3

GamesRadar: Super Meat Boy First Look

2108d ago - Titles that absolutely describe their game are a dying breed. What is there that 'Super Meat Boy'... | 3

Nintendo Life: Super Meat Boy Impressions

2110d ago - After a very short introduction to the world of Meat Boy, you'll be taken to the main map. For th... | 3

Gamez: Super Meat Boy (WiiWare) Preview

2154d ago - Gamez writes: "As a small flash game Meat Boy knew in a short time a large group of fans aro... | 3

De Telegraaf Preview: Nintendo's line-up for WiiWare and DSiWare

2154d ago - De Telegraaf writes: "Nintendo showed recently in London to the European press some DSiWare... | 3,5

NWR: Super Meat Boy Impressions

2173d ago - Playing as Meat Boy, a slab of raw meat, you navigate a deadly maze of buzzsaw blades and other o... | 3

NWR: Super Meat Boy Preview

2333d ago - NWR writes: "There are many video games that started life as simple flash games; Alien Homin... | 3

Do You Suffer From Open World Fatigue?

Now - The open-world format has become prevalent, is it too much? | Promoted post
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Super Meat Boy

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