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Modern Games Are Just Too Easy

588d ago - The infamous Gary LaPlante of discusses how a recent stint playing Super Meat Boy... | PC

10 WTF Moments in Gaming

598d ago - CheatCC: While gaming, we sometimes come upon stuff so unexpectedly bizarre, so inexplicably lef... | PS2

Is Gaming Too Easy Today?

601d ago - OXCGN: "I’m always after new experiences. Therefore, I recently purchased a PS3 for Christm... | PC

Indie Intermission - 'Skullface' A New Hard As Nails Platformer To Scratch That Itch

618d ago - "Today is an odd game, not in the gameplay itself but in the concept behind the gameplay. Skullfa... | PC

Looking for a great Pokemon Community?

Now - Look no further. Join us at the BulbaGarden Forums, the best community for everything Pokemon | Promoted post

Press reset

639d ago - Steven Hansen writes on soul deadening reality, its associated accumulated baggage, and the way v... | PC

Caturday Speculation: Mew-Genics

640d ago - The fine folks at Team Meat are doing something interesting with the reveal of their current proj... | PC

A Riveting, Emotional Behind-The-Scenes Look At Video Game Development (Must-See)

641d ago - Indie Game: The Movie is one of the best documentaries of the year. Filmed on a... | Culture

5 games that we want on PSN

647d ago - PS3 Attitude: "The PlayStation Network has its fair share of awesome games, but so do many other... | PC

Meat Boy unboxes the Wii U

654d ago - GameZone: "It looks like the star of Super Meat Boy got his bloody hands on a Wii U this week. Ch... | Wii U

Super Meat Boy Galaxy Prototype Held ‘Hostage’ for a Good Cause

666d ago - A prototype of Super Meat Boy Galaxy is being held hostage by game co-creator, Aubrey Hesselgren,... | PC

weeaboos with a podcast ep. 35: The Independent Spirit

668d ago - Disclaimer: weeaboos with a podcast is crude, lude, and full of dudes. If you are easily offended... | PC

Why Indie Gaming is the Next Generation of Video Games

672d ago - Default Prime's Alex Carlson waxes philosophic on the strength that the indie gaming circuit has... | Xbox 360

Super Meat Boy Galaxy is an amazing - unreleased - crossover between Super Meat Boy and Mario Galaxy

674d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Now this is something you should all check out. Aubrey Hesselgren has reated a... | PC

The Fine Line of Trial and Error

677d ago - Callum Rakestraw from Entertainium weighs in on the best and worst kinds of trial and error in vi... | PC

Top 7 Evil Clones In Gaming

698d ago - GS writes: You know these guys: imposters, rivals, and doppelgängers to protagonists in video gam... | PC

Indie Game: The Movie's Old-Fashioned Sensibilities

698d ago - “Indie Game: The Movie” is an eminently 2012 experience. A crowdfunded, independent documentary a... | PC

The Heart & Soul - What Makes It Indie?

702d ago - "I have always been a fan of looking behind a product and deconstructing it. Actually finding out... | PC

PBS mini-documentary explores indie game creation, shows what they do that majors can't

714d ago - Engadget writes: "The indie game world has undergone a metamorphosis over the past few years,... | Culture

The Top 25 Must-Play Downloadable Games of This Generation

721d ago - | It could be argued that this gen belongs to the indie developer. So many of the... | PC

The Horrible Show #318 Live - Hard and Good Games

721d ago - Justin, Josh, Ethan and Cole all agree that it is no small feat when a game that's designed to be... | PC

Theatrhythm Final Fantasy: Curtain Call (3DS) Review

Now - Jae sings along with the latest Theatrhythm release. | Promoted post

Issue 26 Is On Sale Now

723d ago - Check out a brand new issue of IGM! This issue features a preview of the highly addictive card co... | PC

The Why of Indie Games: 'Super Meat Boy'

724d ago - A look back at the reasons for 'Super Meat Boy's' success and an analysis of the modern gamer's s... | PC

Feature: WiiWare Games That Bit the Dust

728d ago - "Today La Mulana finally arrives on WiiWare in Europe and North America, bringing an end to a par... | Wii

Two Indie Devs on Indie Game: The Movie

734d ago - Two indie game developers review Indie Games: The Movie and provide very different insight into w... | PC

Study Break: 3 Amazing Indie Platform Games for Mac to Keep Your Mind Sharp

735d ago - Your parents may tell you to stop gaming and get back to your studies, but I’m here to tell you t... | Retro

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