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User Review : Super Mario Galaxy

  • Amazing gameplay.{Perfect soundtrack.{Totally inno
  • Camera akward at a few points.{Beginning is quite

A worthy successor to Mario 64

Super Mario Galaxy is hands down the best Wii title yet. This game does everything right and is a true sequel to Mario 64. This really feeling like next-gen gaming and should be played by every Wii owner.
The gameplay in this game is groundbreaking and innovative. You will find yourself saying "wow" often while playing. The gravity effects are unlike anything I have seen before and feels like the next step for the platforming genre. The motion controls are seemlessly added to the gameplay and never feel overused or pointless. While the beginning of the game is very easy the later missions are very challenging. The only drawback is the camera which on very rare occasions gets stuck in a bad position.
The graphics on Mario Galay are beautiful. Everything looks incredibily polished and detailed. The water effects are amazing and all the environments are a joy to stare at. I never felt like I was playing a gamecube title at all. These visuals should set a new standard for the console.
The music is perfect, I don't have a single complaint. It mixes all the tunes with a few songs from the old Mario games for the perfect sound track. The sound makes the game ten times more enjoyable and sets the mood for every event and location. I don't think I would ever play this game without volume.
Super Mario Galaxy is a must have title and the true game of the year for 2007. Anyone who passes this game up is missing a really awesome gaming experience.

Feels entirly new and innovative.
Could not be better.
Fun Factor
Could have a more fleshed out co-op mode.
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