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User Review : Super Mario Galaxy

  • Graphics are great{Coop is a fun lil diversion{Story is cheery and fun
  • Replay value is mediocre at best{Coop is just that a diversion{Difficulty is low

Instant classic a game that captures and surpasses the greatness of SM64.

Mario games have simply put never been about story but i for one enjoy them light hearted and happy they make you feel good because its not all about the real world its about the fantasy world the world children can really take advantage of in their imagination but onto the review.

Graphics: Amazing graphics herein Nintendo managed to produce on a 200 dollar console that is belated as being just a overclocked gamecube.
Colors are bright and cheery and if you have an tv capable of 480p its all the better every thing is sharp textures, character models spot on with their 2d and 3d sm64/sunshine originals, I will even venture to say that the graphics in this game surpass any thing on the other 2 next gen systems.

Sound:Awesome just pure awesome all the old hits are here as well as new ones all updated to a new world and a new game, all ways interesting uses of old music in the most remarkable places and you can really tell the sound programmers and makers really put that extra effort you expect from Nintendo.

Controls:Pretty much like any Nintendo made game the controls are spot on and near perfect with the Wii mote and nunchuck, innovation isn't lacking shooting stars is accurate and a fun little thing that achieves much in the game, pulling off moves from the old days is easy as pie and translate very well into the game, the addition of a 2nd Wiimote is fun for CooP Play allowing a 2nd user to help you along in your quest to find the stars, but its really a diversion in the end.

Gameplay: A little lacking in the difficulty department the game is very easy except for the young or those new to games a few parts here and their provide an extreme challenge but dieing only once and then mastering them is not an rare occurrence. Fun is one way to describe it (laughs) the game is purely that fun looking at things, jumping around pounding evil mushroom type dudes is all part of the fun and it really is fun but replay value is just not there for most users those yearning for a chance to play Luigi in his first real game will fall for the gather all 120 stars and you get the best ending and a chance to START all over as Luigi line common with Mario games but most users will usually get the minimal amount of stars to get to the ending or they will not even know about the Luigi part of the game.

End Opinion:
Definitely worth a buy its a great game but its replay value and difficulty are a little lacking.

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lonestarmt3769d ago

the game is great and the graphics have thier charm but "I will even venture to say that the graphics in this game surpass any thing on the other 2 next gen systems." ?

I'm going to have to 100% disagree with you. Art style maybe, but graphics, nope

WilliamRLBaker3767d ago

graphics mean nothing without artstyle any one can throw together polygons and use lots of them and uselots of AA and all that but art style is what makes those graphics great.