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New indie Kickstarter project: Distro Horizons VS Galaximo's Army

83d ago ... I'm not one for plugging Kickstarter projects, but I like the concept for this game so figured I'd bring it to everyone's attention. I will say this however, Distro Horizons VS Galaximo's Army is currently in a pre-alpha build, so much of what is available on the games Kickstarter page is for demonstration and proof of concept purposes only. My blog here is intended to fill you in on some de...

Mario's Legacy and Where the Plumber Should Head Next

425d ago ... Video games have come a long way since Ralph Baer first created Pong. The industry has given us as gamers beautiful, graphical, artistic games that have taken our breath away. They have woven incredible stories and powerful emotions into a game. They have also made game that started as simplistic 8-bit arcade games, and re-invented them in new innovative ways. One of the greatest examples of...

Improve the Online Experience for Everyone

718d ago ... It was a little over a decade ago when Sony Computer Entertainment announced the newest console to join the Playstation family: the Playstation 2. In 1999 when it was first unveiled, we learned of its many capabilities and how revolutionary it was for the gaming industry, with one particular feature that stood out to a lot of gamers: online multiplayer. It was a first for video game consoles an...
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