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Super Mario Runs Left to Right Because Our Brains Say So

110d ago - Ever wonder why side-scrolling video games from the 80's and 90's almost always scroll in a singl... | Tech

Mario, Kirby, And Samus Aran Shine In The Nintendo Character Manual

186d ago - Earlier this year, "Console Wars" Blake J. Harris offered us a peek inside the official Nintendo... | Culture

Go Mechanical

Now - WASD mechanical keyboards provide a superior typing experience over common rubber dome keyboards. | Promoted post

5 Year-Old's Idea For a Video Game

204d ago - If you could create a video game, how would it be? Her idea actually sounds fun. | PS4

5 Things Mario Can't Do That You Can

260d ago - Owen Hibber of Entertainment Buddha writes: "Mario may come across as a plumber with an awesome s... | Culture

The Absolute Worst Mario Power-Up Ideas Ever Conceived

278d ago - Hardcore Gamer: For all of the truly awesome powers that Mario has utilized over the years, there... | Nintendo DS

Check this out - Mario is a jerk

323d ago - "What if Mario isn’t the hero we all though he was? What if the adventure was all a ruse to help... | Culture

Mario: Mushroom Kingdoms Most Wanted

409d ago - Mario. He’s the brave, loyal, honest hero we’ve all come to know and love. He’d never even dream... | GameCube

Super Mario Land: What Did Critics Say in 1989?

409d ago - Today we're taking a look at Super Mario Land, one of Nintendo's earliest Game Boy games. Did cri... | Culture

Copycat Mario Lures Users as Nintendo Resists Phones

498d ago - Nintendo isn’t offering Super Mario games on smartphones. Other people are. A game called “Sup... | iPhone

Super Mario 3D World nominated for four BAFTAs

507d ago - This year's British Academy Games Awards shortlists were announced this morning, with Super Mario... | GameCube

Max Level: Video Game Love

507d ago - Ever since the days of Mario and Peach, there has been love in the video game world. With Valenti... | PS4

Bitter Peach: Top Five Songs about Mario

620d ago - Holly of Laser Lemming Writes "I’d heard a few video game inspired songs before and heard the... | Culture

Is it time to put Mario on the back burner?

625d ago - Is it time for Mario to take a break, or will his continuous sales keep the snowball rolling of M... | Nintendo DS

10 Mario Games You've Probably Never Heard Of

674d ago - For closing in on three decades, Mario has been the undisputed star of the video game world. No o... | Culture

Nintendo E3 2013 Wii U Game Previews - Gamerhubtv

749d ago - At E3 2013, Nintendo's David Young walks us through the latest Wii U games in this exclusive inte... | Wii U

Video Games Changing the World

757d ago - "In a way, a very strange way, the old 8-bit video games are saving the world today." - Bobby Per... | PS2

Gaming History 101: It's-A Me!

806d ago - This week we have special guest Eli “Sodoom” (@sodoom) from Knuckleballer Radio on to celebrate N... | Culture

Gaming's 5 best love stories

869d ago - GameZone's Lance Liebl writes: "There's no better way to celebrate the magic of love on Valentine... | Culture

GameTrailers User Movie Of The Week - Mario vs Luigi

890d ago - GameTrailers User Movie Of The Week! Live Action Super Mario Bros: Sibling Rivalry Tired o... | Nintendo DS

Super Mario: Then and Now

1021d ago - Remember when Mario used to be found in arcades? Taking a look at him today, you wouldn’t guess h... | Nintendo DS

N4G June Contests

Now - Write comments, win prizes! | Promoted post

Super Mario Cosplay - The Good, The Bad, The Weird

1028d ago - [guitarse gaming] "Lets face it, at some point in their gaming life, everyone needs to show some... | Culture

CVG: Super Mario Wii U: Our wishlist for Nintendo's biggest series

1028d ago - In Super Mario Galaxy, Mario knew exactly where he was going. Space, the final frontier, and the... | Wii U

Our 2 Bits – Episode 2: Hunky VG Characters

1121d ago - OGeekU writes: "The always lovely Lisa Foiles rattles off her top five favorite hunky video game... | Culture

Top 10 Monarchs in Video Games - Chaos Hour

1127d ago - Chaos Hour's Jubilee Special! The Top Ten Video Game Monarchs! In honor of Queen we over in th... | Nintendo DS

Geek in the Tubes – Episode 9: Cartoon Videogames

1197d ago - GodisaGeek: "Hello, and welcome to episode 9 of Geek in the Tubes, your monthly look at some of t... | PC
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