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User Review : Strider

  • 60 fps
  • Smooth feel
  • great action
  • story
  • replayability
  • repeats itself

Slice em up Kid!

Strider, a game where your thumb gets to have a field day with the attack button, as well as enjoying a mix of lasers, neon lights, metal shrapnel, debris and blood all in one gory yet beautiful mix which only few games can master. Sounds like Broforce right? Well yes, except its smoother, sleeker, diverse and gorgeous.

Story: There is a story? Oh, right, its the hardly noticeable subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Strider puts you right in the action after you select the difficulty, only leaving you with the hint that the square button will make this game what it is. Not even a minute in and theirs armed soldiers at the ready, anxiously waiting to shoot their lasers at Strider. No sound, no subtitles…. just slice em up kid! Besides the subtitle of a story their are collectible art pieces that do give some type of life to the waste of some employees typing.

Game-play: Stunning, freakishly smooth, and a well crafted fighting mix of bosses and brainless A.I. As many PlayStation gamers may know, the hardware developers have been generous enough to grant us 60fps 1080p gameplay for almost every game on the market, this no doubt gives Strider a kick-ass smooth feeling. When slicing trough soldiers, sword swinging neon maniacs or spiked ball throwing robots, you can expect to see a variety of colors and objects flying past Strider, yet no matter how much does, you can still slice away which gives a rewarding feeling after seeing the remains of your enemies on the floor. Kudos to the developers, i haven’t been this pleased with a slice em up game, well, since ever.

Design: The missions in this game are quite simple, complete the main objective, slice up some baddies and get ready for the boss fight. Although this concept may seem simple, their are some secret locations and collectables for those trophy hunters. One design that makes this game stick out is that after the boss fight, after you have figured out their patterns ( Which are extremely simple ) Strider adds them into the game as regular enemies that pop up during the game, which adds complexity and diversity, therefore, making you think a lot more yet making those kills a little bit more sweeter. Also, after a section of the game is completed, theirs a big boss fight, some take place in air, some take place in a chamber with a neon light witch, but their fun non the less.

Dumb, but not Stupid:The A.I. in this game may be brainless, but the weapons they have at the ready is ridiculous. They are extremely powerful. which can crate a lot of chaos that is already in the game, which may actually cause frustration more than just thinking your way out of it, which does not mix with this type of game.

Strider is a smooth playing bad ass ninja slice em up, yet that’s it. No story, just collectables that you have to piece together to make your own story. Besides the lack of story, the fights are smooth and rewarding, yet as you progress through the game the boss and over powered soldiers may become more of a frustration, therefore, slowing down the pace of the game which is not the style the game is meant to be played. Non the less, get ready to adapt quickly.

- Michael Mercado, Chicago born and raised

Not the prettiest graphics, but they sure do look good when your slicing your way through enemies
Soundtrack fits the games scenarios perfectly, suspenseful when sneaking around warehouses and metal factories. Arcade and jumpy songs when having boss battles and encountering enemies
Smooth, 60 fps slice em up. I couldn't have asked for more from the developers at Capcom. They did a marvelous job with the feel and fighting that this game has too offer
Fun Factor
Although the levels do get a little bland at times which just include you climbing walls and avoiding spikes ( totally cliche ) it does have its moments that just make you wanna put on a ninja mask and take on the world
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