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Gaming Christmas jumpers have arrived

13d ago - We haven't even celebrated Halloween yet and already the invasion of Christmas jumpers has begun.... | Culture

Ultra Street Fighter 4 will soon get an Omega Mode

30d ago - Capcom has confirmed that Ultra Street Fighter 4 is getting a new mode called the “Omega Mode” wh... | Arcade

Signs May Point Towards New Street Fighter Alpha

38d ago - For a while now it’s been no secret that Capcom are developing a new fighting game and nobody was... | Xbox 360

Street Fighter’s Dhalsim gets his own curry

41d ago - Street Fighter‘s Dhalsim hails from India which also known in Japan as the land of Curry, so who... | Culture

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Capcom's Pro Tour adds $10 Grand Prize For Ultra Street Fighter 4 at EVO 2014

178d ago - To show good faith towards the section of the gaming world that hasn’t bashed Capcom in the recen... | Xbox 360

Twitch Supports the FGC by Flying Top Players to SCR 2014

238d ago - The Fighting Game Community (FGC) was an early adopter of the streaming service Twitch to broadca... | Industry

Japanese Woman Got a Driver's License Dressed as Chun-Li

261d ago - Previously, Kotaku reported that in Japan, you can dress up as whatever when you take your driver... | Culture

Museum-Grade Street Fighter Prints go on Sale from Cook & Becker

312d ago - Just in time for Christmas (and this weekend's Capcom Cup) an international art dealership is tea... | Culture

SRK: Ultra Street Fighter IV Heading to Arcades in April 2014

357d ago - While Capcom’s next installment in the Street Fighter IV series may not have a concrete console r... | Arcade

Japanese arcade version of Ultra Street Fighter 4 being released in April 2014

358d ago - It appears a Japanese arcade release is expected in April of next year. | Arcade

Remember Me Street Fighter Move Suggestion

518d ago - With the pre-order bonus including Flash Kick, Spinning Bird Kick, and the Dragon Punch why not i... | Xbox 360

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist Interview |

555d ago - Ian Fisher writes: Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist Co-Creator/Co-Writer/Director Joey Ansah took... | Xbox 360

Daigo Umehara Heads to NYC to Talk Street Fighter

557d ago - In an article by Mad Catz, Daigo 'The Beast' Umehara, one of the greatest Street Fighter players... | Culture

Street Fighter: Assassin's Fist - a Capcom approved webseries - gets a Kickstarter

562d ago - DSOGaming writes: "Joey Ansah, Director, writer and creative force behind ‘Street Fighter: Legacy... | Arcade

Ryu and Evil Ryu Life-Size Busts are Coming

617d ago - From the amazing POP Culture Shock sculptors comes two new moderately expensive life-size Street... | Culture

Capcom Canvassing Street Fighter Character Popularity For 'Future Games'

623d ago - Tamoor Hussain: ''Capcom is asking Street Fighter fans to vote for their favourite characters wit... | Culture

New Street Fighter Figures Beat Up the Competition, are Sexy

654d ago - There has already been one round of Play Arts Kai Street Fighter figures; however, Square has jus... | Culture

IPL to host Super Street Fighter 4 Arcade Edition and Street Fighter X Tekken tourneys

690d ago - IPL & Capcom partnered for the 2013 for Street Fighter X Tekken & Super Street Fighter 4. | Xbox 360

New Wreck-It Ralph Posters Feature Video Game Legends

763d ago - Featured is Sonic, Dr. Robotnik (we'll never call him "Eggman"), Q*bert, Coily, Pac-Man ghost Cly... | Culture

Street Fighter Turns 25

783d ago - Hardcore Gamer: It may be hard to believe, but 25 years ago this day, Street Fighter debuted in a... | Industry

PS4 Game Release Dates

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Capcom Celebrates The Fighting Game Community With SF25 Tournament Series | DualShockers

788d ago - Capcom's tournament series is a love letter to the community that gave birth to fighting game cul... | Xbox 360

The Games of Jean Claude Van Jam

792d ago - Developer teams created nine games based on Oscar-worthy Van Damme movies. Katamari Damacy develo... | PC

SMASH 2012 Interview with Chun-li's voice actress Yuko Miyamura

813d ago - CC writes: I got a chance to sit down with Yuko Miyamura a seiyuu, or voice actress, who you’ve p... | Arcade

PS Home Weekly Update: Street Fighter Total Game Integration Comes Back Home

820d ago - Posted by Cade Peterson // Community Manager, PlayStation Digital Platforms - By popular dem... | PS3

Street Fighter Live-Action Series Details Revealed

825d ago - Capcom USA, Inc. and Assassin’s Fist Limited recently announced that they have signed an agreemen... | PC
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