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Fighting Games: Looking Through Black Eyes

3d ago - Fighting games are a pinnacle of competitive video gaming. Two combatants, squaring off in the vi... | PS2

If you could have the powers of a video game character in real life, who would you be?

52d ago - GiA writes: "Video games are fun in part because you get to do things you couldn’t in real life,... | PC

The 15 Greatest Street Fighter Characters of All-Time

56d ago - Dorkly: Often held up as the single greatest fighting series of all-time (narrowly beating out th... | Culture

Street Fighter — The Rock Opera

62d ago - Max Level: Put away your opera glasses and pump up the volume for Street Fighter: The Opera! Texa... | Culture

Filmwatch April Contests

Now - Calling all Marvel fans. Come celebrate the release of Captain America: The Winter Soldier with us as we give away a cool prize for fans of Cap plu... | Promoted post

8 video game characters that are totally based on celebrities

78d ago - It's not uncommon for film writers to create a character with a specific actor in mind--and, ofte... | Culture

Most Epic Cosplays of the Week

98d ago - AllThatsEpic: The time has come once again for another edition of our Most Epic Cosplays of the W... | Culture

Professing My Love for Street Fighter

100d ago - One Street Fighter fan expresses his undying affection for the series. | Culture

Top 5 Boss Abilities in Fighting Games That Will Make You Hate Fighting Games

127d ago - Fighting games are a very unique genre of game. They are easy to pick up, but difficult to master... | Culture

Retro Friday: I am Street Fighter

205d ago - MWEB GameZone writer, Zaid Kriel, takes a look at Street Fighter and its 25th birthday celebratio... | Retro

Kegerator Hybrid Has 60-Inch Screen, 140 Video Games and a Beer Keg

233d ago - You might want to sit down for this one. The folks at Dream Arcades have invented the Kegerator P... | Culture

Independence Day Special: Top Indian Moments in Video Games

247d ago - It is said video games can make one forget the real world, because in a flash one can teleport fr... | PC

"Street Fighter": The Best Warriors in the History of the Series

249d ago - Complex: Besides Pac-Man, there's probably no more recognized arcade game than Street Fighter. It... | Culture

12 Style Ideas You Can Learn From "Street Fighter"

341d ago - Complex - For over 25 years, the Street Fighter series has never failed at delivering two things:... | Culture

Blood on the Joystick

345d ago - Unwinnable - Street Fighter is hard. To be more specific, being good at Street Fighter is hard... | Retro

Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #22: SNES Headphones, Street Fighter X Lilo & Stitch, 16-Bit VS. Real Life

364d ago - "Today on Video Game Crafts ‘N Gear #21 it's a week of very bizarre but cool combinations and cro... | Culture

Ready Fight: Kamehameha Girl Photos Vs. The Hadouken

385d ago - Complex put them both against each other in 15 rounds of comparison to see which photos would com... | Culture

What Your Video Game Characters Say About You

469d ago - TSJ writes: The choices we make in life say something about us, right? Sure they do, why not? And... | Culture

Crisis on Infinite Titles: Compilation Games and their Future

506d ago - So while we wait for everyone to complain about the newest choices for their favorite-and most ha... | PC

Top 30 Capcom fighting games themes

552d ago - has just published a video compilation with top 30 music tracks from 2d Capcom fightin... | Arcade

15 Street Fighter III peculiarities you may have overlooked

552d ago - Street Fighter III demands quick reflexes and deep concentration to win, so it's easy to miss lit... | Culture

Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Review

Now - Ken dives into this (brief) Metal Gear mission. | Promoted post

Time for Street Fighter to fade away

553d ago - Capcoms Street Fighter series has been around for a long time, and its age is starting to show mo... | Arcade

Top 40 Iconic Game Characters #16 - 9

554d ago - From Leon S. Kennedy to Tommy Vercetti from GTA: Vice City, and more, 411's David McGregor contin... | GameCube

Red Fury: 6 Most Evil Gingers From Gaming History

555d ago - WC writes: For some reason, there are an unfair and unrepresentative amount of ginger villains in... | PC

Top 5: Greatest Villains in Gaming History

573d ago - From Darth Malak in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic to Mario's nemesis Bowser and more, th... | PC

First look and ideas at Street Fighter V, if Capcom went back to 2D art

573d ago - PGN writes: "Back to 2D, hand drawn art and animation. It’s a tedious, arguably more difficult... | Culture
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