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User Review : Street Cricket Champions 2

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Street Cricket Champions 2 - improved sequel for Street Cricket Champions on PS2/PSP

The core Gameplay is solid, with approachable controls and appropriate buttons for fielding, requiring you to press the right button at the right moment to catch batsmen out. Batting is equally clear-cut; press the matching button for the shot of your choice (lofted shot, ground shot or defensive) in mishmash with the analog stick for direction. Bowling works in the same way, with the universal variety in pace and spin from out-swing to leg-breaks being available for use in mishmash with the analog stick for delivery placement. Of course, timing plays a vital role in batting and bowling.

It has a short learning arc allowing the players to adopt the controls quickly.
Game stays true to the ‘Street’ part of its name, there are some lovable new mechanics like tricky shots, skills to toggle from spin to pace, and items that when player hit will multiply your score or give some additional runs but there are items which also deduct your score. Even you can customize your fielding by Custom Field Presets.
Street Cricket Champions 2 also features trophies (Awards). Finish specific task in the game, you unlock trophies (Awards) which makes you feel great. It’s a fine stroke to give an aged structure some new moves. Game has an option to declare your inning whenever you want.

Few things which lacks in this game are graphics. There are games with good graphics but Street Cricket Champions 2 lacks graphically representation. Animations are improved; we were able to see few good batting shots. As in their previous ‘Street Cricket Champions’ title, animation was fully messed up but this time they have improved a lot. A.I works fine in this game as compared to previous one but still there are few instances when fielders take some time to throw the ball which disappoint.

Sound is more likely to be according to level specific which makes the Gameplay more interesting. As it’s a Street Cricket so it is obvious that this game will lack commentary but yes there is some cool voice over of players which exactly sounds fun in Gameplay.
Street Cricket Champions 2 is good enough if we compare it to its previous game. The game is been designed to provide a perfect entertainment, combining a striking game play for the entire family. Featuring “innovative” batting, bowling and fielding “systems”, nine “unique environments”, and a set of all Indian game play rules.

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