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SNOW Preview

211d ago ... [b]From Valenka[/b] It’s no secret that open world titles are beloved experiences in the gaming industry for many reasons, but primarily, they give players the freedom to explore a large, living and breathing virtual world. In the 21st century, these grand, open world experiences were famously embraced in series like Grand Theft Auto, Saints Row and Elder Scrolls and can be frequently found...

RPG Greats From SNES To PlayStation To Mobile

713d ago ... When I saw a trailer for a new Secret of Mana game I was incredibly stoked in mere seconds. Sadly that elation vanished as fast as it appeared when I noticed that 'Rise of Mana' is a game only for mobile phones. What does this mean for true RPG fans? Secret Of Mana is easily one of the greatest games ever to grace the Super Nintendo with its presence. Simply remembering the time I've put int...

A day out at the Playstation Hub - Dublin

1960d ago ... I saw a flyer in the city center a couple of weeks ago about something called “Playstation Hub” happening in the city center itself sometime soon. I decided to go home and search it up a few days later and found out that Playstation had brought a taste of the PS Move to Dublin for a number of weeks and I was stoked. We rarely ever get anything here in Ireland like this and I was looking forward...
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