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Steve Papoutsis – The final Visceral interview

230d ago - GamesTM: Leading up to the release of Battlefield Hardline and just weeks before he would leave... | PC

Visceral Boss Leaves EA

234d ago - IGN - Steve Papoutsis, the Executive Producer on Battlefield Hardline, is no longer the General M... | Industry

HotLiked - What the Internet is talking about right now

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Visceral Games Reveals Why You'll Want to Play Non-Lethally in Battlefield Hardline

299d ago - Visceral Games is heading up a project that is seeking to redefine what a Battlefield game can be... | PC

Visceral Games Talks 'Battlefield Hardline' Accessibility and Map Destruction

299d ago - For a franchise like Battlefield, destruction has always been an aspect of the game that most fan... | PC

Visceral Games on Reasons for Battlefield Hardline's Unique Maps & Unique Modes

299d ago - EA and Visceral Games are preparing for the next beta for Battlefield Hardline, but before the be... | PC

Battlefield Hardline Beta, "We want you to play this beta to death," Visceral Games general manager

318d ago - Gear up for a load of information on the Battlefield Hardline Beta, directly from the makers them... | PC

Loads Of New Information About Battlefield Hardline

321d ago - Battlefield Hardline Executive Producer, Steve Papoutsis, held a huge Q&A session on Twitter rece... | PC

PlayStation Experience: Even More Developers and Games Announced: “PlayStation Experience Is Rad”

360d ago - PlayStation Experience is coming fast, and every day there's new information on new developers an... | PS3

Playing bad-cop-worse-cop in Battlefield Hardline

380d ago - We go hands-on with the genre’s biggest single-player leap forward since Modern Warfare. | PC

Battlefield Hardline Campaign Interview With Steve Papoutsis

458d ago - Visceral Games vice president and general manager Steve Papoutsis details the campaign gameplay e... | PC

Battlefield Hardline: Visceral Games Shares New Info on Modes, Guns and E3 Plans

547d ago - Quite a lot has been leaked about the upcoming hard-bolied chapter of the Battlefield series Hard... | PC

Uncut Interview - Steve Papoutsis (Executive Producer Dead Space 3)

1023d ago - Clickonline writes: "As the release date for Dead Space 3 approaches, we had the chance to talk t... | Xbox 360

Digital Chumps - Dead Space 3 demo impressions and interview with Visceral Games' Steve Papoutsis

1027d ago - Digital Chumps - The Dead Space 3 demo, available via limited exclusivity now with a public relea... | PC

Dead Space 3 – Think like an Engineer

1034d ago - Dead Space 3 delivers terror to our screens in less than 9 days. To help players prepare for the... | PC

Dead Space 3: Co-op, Kinect Integration and more

1073d ago - MajorNelson writes: "I had a chance to speak with Steve Papoutsis, the Executive Producer for... | Xbox 360

Dead Space 3 interview with Steve Papoutsis

1101d ago - Here’s Phil chatting to Dead Space 3 executive producer Steve Papoutsis about the new game’s co-o... | PC

Visceral Considered Co-Op For The Original Dead Space

1115d ago - NowGamer: Isaac Clarke almost brought a friend along in the first Dead Space, says Executive Prod... | PC

Dead Space 3 aiming for “quad-A” with series evolution

1174d ago - Dead Space 3 executive producer Steve Papoutsis says Visceral is going above and beyond “triple-A... | PC

Dead Space 3 interview: "Our biggest challenge is keeping things fresh"

1175d ago - CVG: Recently, we had the good fortune to sit down with Steve Papoutsis, executive producer on gr... | PC

The Gamesmen REWIND- Dead Space Extraction Interview(2009)

1770d ago - With upcoming release of Dead Space Extraction on the PlayStation3, The Gamesmen revisit just wha... | Wii

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Dead Space 2: Interview with Steve Papoutsis -

1770d ago - Editor Luke Flesher chats to Visceral Games' Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis about Dea... | Dev

GamesTM: Dead Space 2 - Post-Traumatic Stress

1783d ago - From all outward appearances, the conclusion of Dead Space suggested that Isaac Clarke was a gone... | PC

Multiplayer For Dead Space 2 Was The “Most Requested” Feature From Fans

1816d ago - Dead Space 2’s executive producer, Steve Papoutsis, has said the reason Visceral included multipl... | PC

GameTrailers: Dead Space 2 - GC 10 Zero G Sequences Interview

1917d ago - Executive Producer Steve Papoutsis takes a moment at EA Germany to outline the improvements of Ze... | PC
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