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State of Decay Previews  

State of Decay: a life-or-permadeath fight for survival in a world of zombies | PCGamer

292d ago - State of Decay is a game with zombies. It’s not a game about zombies. That’s an important distinc... | PC

State of Decay First Impressions | GamingBolt

370d ago - "Seldom do I play a game that loses me all concept of time. Equally, it’s rare that so soon after... | Xbox 360

State of Decay first impressions - Worlds Factory

386d ago - Beside a lake two men are in the middle of a zombie attack. They’re confused and acting in self-d... | Xbox 360

State of Decay First Impressions | Dunham Gaming

394d ago - So far the game play has been great. It is very varied and there are always plenty of missions to... | Xbox 360

Xbox One Game Release Dates

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StickSkills Tries: State of Decay

395d ago - StickSkills plays a bit of the recently released State of Decay. | Xbox 360

State Of Decay Pre-Review Notes: The Best Zombie Simulation To Date? |

395d ago - UndeadLabs' first game State Of Decay has been out for a couple of days. Here's a look at how its... | PC

State of Decay - First Impressions | ReviewMango

397d ago - So far, Tyler from ReviewMango has been having a blast in State of Decay. It truly makes you feel... | Xbox 360

State of Decay - Preview (360) | Critical Indie Gamer

397d ago - In terms of open-world zombie games, there have been a few. Before it there was Dead Island, DayZ... | Xbox 360

State Of Decay - Now Available On Xbox Live

397d ago - Are you growing weary of maiming almost ceaseless zombie hordes on Black Ops? Fed up with tedious... | PC

Entering The ‘State of Decay’ | Analog Addiction

398d ago - Analog Addiction writes: "Alan and myself slowly drive our way to the location of a supply trade;... | Xbox 360

State of Decay hands-on: an hour in Undead Labs' fallen America | OXM UK

404d ago - OXM UK: "Why do I need crisps? Because I'm running low on stamina - and in State of Decay much as... | Xbox 360

State of Decay Preview | ReviewMango

413d ago - In the upcoming XBLA and PC title State of Decay, from developer Undead Labs, you will take contr... | PC

Another look at State of Decay: the most ambitious zombie survival sim around | OXM UK

434d ago - OXM UK: "It's a sad truth that even very good games sound better on paper. Undead Labs' zombie su... | Xbox 360

State of Decay preview: hands-on in XBLA's zombified open world | OXM

441d ago - OXM: "State of Decay is a divisive experience. It straddles the line between arcade-y action game... | Xbox 360

IGN spends 4 Hours in State of Decay’s Open-World Zombie Nightmare

447d ago - At first look, it might seem like State of Decay is just another action game set in a zombie-infe... | PC

Time To Be Afraid: Raid Warning's Preview of Undead Lab's State of Decay

448d ago - Undead Labs is getting ready to release State of Decay to XBox Live and PC and ma... | PC

4Player Hands-On With State of Decay

448d ago - 4Player-"State of Decay is a magnificent take on the zombie apocalypse theme, bringing something... | Xbox 360

MTV Blog | Preview: Survive The Zombie Apocalypse (With Friends) In 'State of Decay'

450d ago - Even after five hours with Undead Labs' zombie apocalypse survival simulator "State of Decay", Ch... | PC

9 Things To Love in State of Decay

450d ago - Darren discusses the features in State of Decay that really makes the game, after a recent hands on. | PC

Hands-On Preview with: State of Decay (XBLA)

451d ago - Brad was able to spend about four hours with a near-final build of XBLA title State of Decay at a... | PC

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State of Decay - proof there's life after the Walking Dead | OXM UK

469d ago - OXM UK: "Zombies - now there's an idea that's been done to death and then reanimated. The Walking... | Xbox 360

post it gamer | PAX East 2013: State of Decay Hands-On

469d ago - Ray from gets a 30 minutes hands on preview of Undead Lab's State of Decay for th... | Xbox 360

True Achievements | PAX East 2013: Hands-On with State of Decay

470d ago - True Achievements chose to open up its coverage of the convention with State of Decay. They was f... | PC

FPS Guru | Hands on With State of Decay at PAX East

470d ago - Zombies have certainly been a trend lately with titles like Day Z, The War Z (cough cough), and n... | PC

State of Decay PAX Preview | Rely on Horror

470d ago - Rely on Horror: Zombies aren’t leaving gaming any time soon. The shambling undead appear in numer... | PC
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