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User Review : Starhawk

  • Great Multiplayer
  • Looks Great
  • Addictive
  • Poor Single Player
  • Some Minor Freezing Issues
  • Steep Learning Curve

Starhawk Review

Starhawk is set in a cowboy themed world in space with aliens what could be better than that.....unless you could call massive buildings down from space and build them anywhere or pilot Hawks that can transform into giant transformer like robots when you land them that can stomp on your enemies and fire gatling guns from both hands....oh wait you can and a whole lot more to boot!!This is arguably one of the best online multiplayer games you will ever play.It does have one downfall thoughits single player campaign.So lets get that out of the way first as I won't do too much complaining about this game once I do.

The single player campaign is quite short and doesn't have a very interesting story.The levels can also get quite repetitive and it serves more like an extended tutorial for the game so you dont't get eaten up once you jump into the online multiplayer.The story centres arounda space cowboy type characterwho can control rift energy and his brother which has become a rifter and is fighting against him.Now this could have been a good story but it is littered with cliched sayings and its too hard to care about the characters as time goes on so I lost interest towards the end.When you take the game online though you are in for a treat!You will be hooked after your first game.

I have never played an online multiplayer game quite like this before and although i wasn't a fan of third persons shooters before this i am now thanks to this game.Best way i can describe iot is a mixture of Command and Conquer and Warhawk...Heres how it works.You gather rift energy over time which in turn you use to call down buildings from space to either help in offense or defense.There are a lot of buildings you can choose from like supply bunkers,tank depots,hawk launchers and many more and its up to you to decide what buildings your team might need at critical points in the game.All these buildings cost varying amounts of rift energy and can also be destroyed so you can see how tactics and smart decision making have to be implemented in order to win the game.

There are a host of game modes to choose from.The ever present deathmatch and team deathmatch are here as well as objective based game modes like capture the flag and zones.Each mode requires good teamwork and smart tactics and not just in objective modes.For ezample you need to defend your base even in team deathmatch as you dont want to get overrun and not be able to build any buildings without them being destroyed.An example of a tactic I use on CTF is to build an outpost near the enemies base and have my teammates build a tank depot and force field so we can guard our small outpost base and constantly harrass the enemy without having to travel long distances.Then one of our players can slip into the enemy base and steal their flag while they are busy dealing with us.This really is one of the best online games i have played in a long time.

There isn't too much wrong with this game other than the mediocre single player.Sometimes lobbys can have quite advanced players and ruin your enjoyment of the game but you can choose easier lobbies to play in until you feel your up to the challenge of taking on the best,There have been reports of the game freezing but i haven't encountered this once in over 20 hours of play.

All in all this is a very solid title and will please fans of third-person shooters and might bring around some non fans too.Its new innovative online multiplayer will keep you coming back for a long time and promises of new game modes and maps will keep things fresh.Its hard find the sense of achievement of winning a game that can be found here in any other game.Starhawk is a great game and well worth a look

Written by Blain O Neill

Everything looks great from the character models to the buildings and vehicles and environments are quite nice too
There isnt much here sound wise with some poor dialogue and repititive cowboy space music
Gameplay is spot on and very addictive.
Fun Factor
you arent going to have much more fun with any other game.
Possibly the best online multiplayer game out there
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