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User Review : Starhawk

  • Build and battle feature
  • Addictive multiplayer
  • Amazing soundtrack
  • Single player missions felt all the same
  • As of date written, connection errors
  • Short single player

Build stuff, battle people, ride your hawks, all in space!

What game lets you build stuff wherever and whenever you like? What game brings a fresh unique idea to the multiplayer side of gaming and makes it addictive? Starhawk is your answer.

Behind the helms of this unique game are the developers that brought you one of PS3's hardcore multiplayer game called Warhawk. LightBox Interactive(LBI), compiled of the now-defunct Incognito Entertainment, brings you it's spiritual successor that now has both single player and multiplayer. However, one outshines the other.

As you all know, reviewers have been knocking points off Starhawk for its single player. Honestly, i can understand why. There is nothing outstanding about the single player. Story is basically your typical cowboy action drama, only set in space. Nothing unpredictable happens. And the missions follow one pattern: Land in new map, go to a certain, protect stuff from being destroyed.

I was sadly disappointed that LBI chose not to vary the missions. There could've been stealth missions using the unique vehicles or specific missions involving the structures or weapons. Sadly, they chose to make the single player a tutorial. However, despite the 'tutorial', I have to admit, I had fun playing it. Being able to call allies down whenever i wanted, building cover whenever i needed and starting the next objective when I wanted makes up for the lack of Uncharted or Bioshock quality cinematics. Now, on to the greatest part of Starhawk, its mp.

What can I say? It's fun, unique, chaotic and just brings a breath of fresh destruction to online gaming. The build and battle feature lets players bring down structures, like a wall or a sniper tower, to the map wherever and whenever they want. As long as your plotted build area is green lit, then you can build it. What also sets this game apart from other shooters is the ability to have up to 8 weapons on hand. The vehicles of the game, except the Razorback, also lends a hand to what makes this game spectacular. Modes however are pretty much standard to MP gaming, consisting of deathmatch, team deathmatch, capture the flag and zones (akin to Battlefield 3's Conquest)

Despite all the great freedom LBI gave players, there is a huge downside to the multiplayer and that's when players get out of hand with the build and battle feature. For example, one CTF match I had was all well and chaotic until the moment i was trying to capture a flag. While my team was distracting the enemy, I stealthily sneaked into their base and got the flag, notifying the other team. Just when I was about to make a speedbike dispenser and make my great escape, the 32 structure build limit had happened. I was left to run as fast possible, hoping I dont get killed. Although, this can get frustrating in most sessions, the fact that the matches are chaotically fun makes up for the stupid unnecessary amount of walls and turrets on my teams side.

The audiovisuals of the game is great. The visual art diretion of the game really does a good job of blending sci fi and western together. Music for the game also helped made the single player all the more enjoyable and epic. The soundtrack brilliantly sets in the mood at the right times.

If you're looking for something new for a shooter, then Starhawk is up your alley. Fully recommended for gamers who want freedom in the way they play.

Graphics arent mind blowing but they are pretty good.
Loved the sound effects of the weapons and soundtrack is stellar.
Build and battle, having more than 2 weapons, and unique vehicles makes this game stand out and enjoyably fun.
Fun Factor
Single player could've been better and multiplayer is great as it is.
In my opinion, best multiplayer with so much freedom to the players.
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Jurat2172d ago

Awesome. I loved the beta; will definitively pick this up. A space western, in the spirit of Warhawk, with elements of TPS and RTS combined is a sure-fire winner. Hope to see you online.

r212172d ago

yep but hope we're on the same team. if not, well.....just run >:D

LiViNgLeGaCY2171d ago

Great review man! Loving this game so far! So many ways to kill and be killed, it just adds to the intensity!

r212171d ago (Edited 2171d ago )

thanks man :D yup, partly why i love this game. the amount of things you can do in this game out beats any other game i've played! see you in space!

IcyEyes2171d ago

The review is good, and yes, the MP is an awesome experience.
Just I don't agree too much with the score on Graphics.
In my opinion It's more than 8.5 :)

r212171d ago

thanks. doesnt matter what the graphics score is, as long as you know its great, its great :D see you in starhawk >:D

IcyEyes2145d ago

Sure, the game is great and it's all we need and with the new patch I enjoy it more :)

360ICE2170d ago

I bought this game, but for some reason I find myself missing Warhawk :(

I'll probably get into Starhawk though.

coolbeans2170d ago (Edited 2170d ago )

I consider this review untrue until a critical reviewer on metacritic posts at least the same score. /s

In all seriousness, I'm certainly glad to see fans are having a great time in the MP. Although it will be some time before I'm able to acquire this game, I shall try to keep my anticipation constantly peaked by diving in Warhawk whenever I'm able.